Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Had A P-A-R-T-Y!!!

For the kids birthday parties we had a BYOB party! A Bring Your Own Bicycle - what were YOU thinking?? Gosh, they are only turning 5 and 6! This was Molly's invitation, and Michael's was the same, except in blue and orange.

The forecast was crummy. Rain. Luckily, it cleared up around 11 to start setting up, and from 1-3 it was not exactly sunny and beautiful, but the skies didn't open up on us. Many prayers were answered that afternoon!

We let the kids invite their friends from school and some family friends, and it was FUN! Here are some scenes, although some may be blurry. (A photograper I am NOT.)

We rode bikes,

and had birthday cake!

Molly thinks "They are all singing to ME?!!"

Michael just wants the singing over so he can dig into the cake and Creamery ice cream!!

This was the "parking lot" during the cake and ice cream part!

The kids had a ton of fun. I don't know what was more popular- Bandit or decorating the bikes! He finally had to go take a nap from being worn out with all of the kids.

One of the moms, Robyn (Parker and Ava's mom) dropped the kids off for the 2 hours. In that 2 hours, she managed to get TWO (2) speeding tickets!! I told her next time to give ME the $216, and I'll let her stay for the party! Her husband took it surprisingly well, although I have the feeling that for the rest of her life, everything will be cost relative to the tickets. Example: "Well, we could have that floor in the new house tiled, but it would cost us 5 tickets..." Her husband, Stan, was Chris's fraternity brother here at PSU. He cracks me up.

So, the house is picked up, the party is over, and we survived with a ton of help from our next door neighbor, Rebecca. We seriously owe her. Seriously. I think everyone should have a neighbor who loves kids and is naturally a sweet person and a great helper who just pitches in. Kids parties would go so much smoother!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Looks like we've made it...

Bandit came from a rescue who had gotten him from a puppy mill. We had no idea of his numerous ailments when we got him, but it looks like we've finally turned the corner. He slept through the night last night for the first time and I can now pick up his poop. Doesn't sound great, I know, but he's had the runs since we got him! So, for me, it's pretty wonderful.

He HAS gained 2 pounds in spite of his intestinal parasite which is now being treated, and his infections in his ear and eyes is almost gone. Chris is ready to kill me for getting a dog, much less a sick dog, but he is in Japan, so I am running this ship for now.

Here are some pictures I took the other night.

For all of you mother's out there - Happy Mother's Day! I'll put pictures on the blog later this week, hopefully - Molly had a Mother's Day Tea at school on Friday and Michael came home with his gifts as well. Nothing beats the gifts from the kids. No matter how small, or non-useful (is that even a word?), they bring tears to my eyes. Because they are presented with pride and love. From the people that I am proud to love. I love you so much, Michael and Molly.