Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thankful Life

I usually reflect at Thanksgiving at all of the blessings we have in our lives and how good God is to us.

I was able to go to the kids' elementary school for Molly's feast. Who wouldn't be thankful for THIS??

My mom, dad, and brother all came up for the week, arriving after the game last Sat. night. I was excited to tell them all about the game, the tailgate, and what we had been doing lately. It was our last tailgate for many years (except for the Blue/White game) and although it was a sad thought, our friends helped us really enjoy it. Perhaps too much.

I'm thankful for the family we always tailgate with, go to church with, go to brunch with, have children's choir with, have dinner with, and go ice skating with. I guess we do a lot together each week, huh? Here we are at our tailgate. Prime real estate, I tell you.

My family sat around a lot this week and laughed playing games, watching football, movies, and going to Wegman's. I think my mom started a new tradition. Why cook when you can just order Thanksgiving dinner from Wegman's and enjoy the day together??

Oh, we did go to an Amish house for lunch again. The day was extended by trips to the Amish tackle and boot shop, then the soap and candle shop, and finally the dry goods shop. They had all kinds of things there. I looked at the Amish bonnets, wondered if I could dress up as an Amish lady for Halloween next year, and decided it probably wasn't in great taste. But that would have been cool, huh?

Here is my mom sitting around while I took a picture for her Facebook page.

Today Chris took the kids to Millbrook Marsh. I am thankful for this family of mine.

I'm thankful for a wonderful husband (he really is, I'm not just saying that...) and two beautiful, healthy, happy children. I wonder what I have done to deserve all of this. I'll never know. But I AM thankful.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Did you hear?

Who passed his comprehensive exam and now only has to defend his dissertation in May?? Yup, my hubbie. Christopher James Solo. Soon to have a PhD.

Life is good in the Solo household. Real good.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge with Heather and Scott last weekend to celebrate. What an incredible time THAT was!! The kids were all old enough to play together while the adults rode slides, or they could go down the slides with us. The kids played like cousins all weekend. Just good ol' playing. And loving every minute of it... It was relaxing and fun with a best friend along. And to top it off, guess who we met for dinner?

Heather and I took the kids out of school for the day on Monday (yup, we teachers value our kids education!) and then on Monday night we stopped in D.C. to have dinner with Mark. A pretty perfect ending to a pretty perfect weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I Want to Remember

- Molly got upset with Michael because she was left to pick up the game. She came out saying "He force-fielded. I have to pick up, but I won because he force-fielded." I think she meant he forfeited.

- We were talking about moving across country to Colorado again next summer, and how the dog and the cat don't get along. We discussed possibly getting two rooms, one for me and Michael and Bandit, and the other for Chris, Molly and Jamba. However, it would have to be a hotel that allows pets. Michael chimed in "Like the Hampster Inn?" I think HE meant Hampton Inn.

- Chris has the kids making a scrapbook for earning a Scouting badge. Michael glued a picture of them going into a haunted house at Acacia fraternity. His caption? "I whent to a hatetit hous." I don't think the brothers at Acacia would agree.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Explanation

That picture WAS the parade. The WHOLE parade. We walked around the block. That was it. People in the cars waved to us as we walked by, and the truck held up the traffic for us. We may have been small, both in stature and number, but boy, did we have FUN! It just cracks me up, still.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!!

We had our Veteran's Day Parade at school today, and it was the best ever. Check it out!

P.S. I found the camera!! On my dresser.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Where's the Camera?

Remember the old Wendy's commercial that said "Where's the beef?" (If you do, you are OLD.) Well, I feel like saying that for my blog. I have pictures on the camera, I just can't FIND the camera.

Imagine a picture here of the kids trick-or-treating.

This is Abby, Molly, Michael, and Carter.

Here is a pumpkin that Chris carved, too.

Now, imagine a picture here of Chris and I heading out to a formal on Sat. night.

When I find the camera, I'll post the pictures. Any ideas where it could be? We didn't take it to the formal with I have no idea. I guess if I cleaned the house, I'd find it. That's a big if.