Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This little light of MINE... (Version 2.0)

I have the best husband in the world. He is the handsomest, strongest, smartest, charmingest, hottest, wittiest, sexiest, lovingest husband in the whole wide world. He is just dreamy. I will call him Uber-Husband from now on. (Oh, and he passed his PhD candidacy exam.) Anyway, while I was sleeping this evening, that most wonderful man downloaded a video conversion program, learned how to use it, converted my video files from .mov to .mpg format, reset my blog password and hacked into my account, and uploaded the videos I wanted to share with everyone but couldn't. Oh, I just want to throw myself at Uber-Husband! (p.s. Uber-Husband wrote this while Susie "Paris Hilton" Solo was sleeping...)

I've been sick with a sinus infection and finally broke down and went to the dr. yesterday. I called in sick for today but didn't have to take a sick day because we got a day off with freezing rain! I'm hoping 3000 mg of amoxicillin a day helps me. It will either help me or kill me.

Check back.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Chris's great-grandmother passed away past year, and I was just thinking about her. She was so totally sane, and funny, and had great stories. She lived by herself until her last hospital trip, and always cooked and baked for the entire family. She was great...

Here is a picture of 5 generations. Yup, 5. Crazy, huh? It is Chris, his mom, Granny, Mikey as a baby, and Grandma D. We have one that is the same with Molly when she was born, too...

Here they are again, just the next year.

Here I am holding Mikey on our first trip to Pittsburgh.

And here's Chris. Mikey has the funniest expression on his face! We laughed at this one for the LONGEST time!!

And then the next year here we are at Craig and Carol's. This is Chris's uncle and aunt that we stay with in Pittsburgh. Craig is his mother's brother.

Mikey was such a beautiful baby, and then came Molly. Not so much to talk about there. Don't get me wrong, we loved her just as much, she just wasn't much to look at for a long time. But she "cutened up"!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I wish I had my camera when...

Molly was shoveling her spaghetti noodles in her mouth as fast as she could. Chris said "Molly...?" and she looked up with her face still towards her plate. Protruding from her little mouth was approximately 387 noodles.... She couldn't even chew!

Not such a proud parenting moment, but hysterical none-the-less...I had to turn around to laugh into my water while he was left to scold about table manners. THEN, he had to laugh into his glass, too. We do laugh a lot in the Solo household!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Out with the Old, in with the New.

We ended the old year at 2000 Degrees, a paint your pottery studio. Molly chose a container to hold her "jewlery"...

while Mikey picked a plate in the shape of a star to be his "snack plate" after school.

They were SO excited to see the finished products were smooth and shiny, and they can't wait to go back! If it was cheaper, I'd be psyched too. $36 for two kids things. What a rip-off.

We painted with Isaac and Isabelle, and we went out to see the ice sculptures in town for First Night. Since it was a block away, we walked down to see what had been made, and what was BEING made...

Later that night, Chris ran a 5K in costume as part of First Night. While he was running, we went back to see more sculptures, watched a quick parade, and then met dad at the finish line. He was hot from wearing the heavy costume!!

Chris has begun his Candidacy Exam. Ten long days. Four long questions. We'll all be happy when it's over!! My friend and I got Sally to come over to watch my kids and hers while we went out for a Thai lunch. Sally took pictures of them dressing up. Here is Sarah and Molly in Molly's room, and then there is a picture of Molly looking a little bit bored. Or something.

And finally, here are the munchkins as I tuck them into bed. They had crawled into Mikey's bed for a quick cuddle.

We are all back at school, in the routine. Today was NOT routine - we had 67 degree weather in PA in January!! We played outside at school, Molly's class ate lunch outside, we went to The Creamery with Isaac, Isabelle, Parker and Ava. Then we came home and Parker and Ava came over to play outside and ride bikes. Robyn helped me rake almost the entire back yard, can you believe that? I wonder if her shoulders are tired, too...?

So, the wet cold returns tomorrow. Back to January. But I sure appreciated the 2 beautiful days we had! Thanks, God!