Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Check it out!

Janice found a place called Wee Little Designs. What a cute idea!! They are doing a give-away...I think you have to leave a comment??

I had the time of my life. And I owe it all to them.

We had our Drill Team reunion this past weekend. It was undescribable. Friends who have not seen each other in 15-20 years getting together, and it was if no time had ever passed. There wasn't a whole lot of "remember when?" - it was mostly making new memories together, and catching up on what has happened since we last saw each other. We had 38 adults and 13 kids, and it was FUN. Especially after the kids went to bed and we went out to the bars on Friday night. I could look around the tables, and know that I could blatently flirt with anyone there, or any of them could grab my rear-end, and my husband wouldn't care. Not one bit.

Our group was extremely close throughout college, and we all lived together. I'll post some of the pictures, and try to explain what was happening in them.

This is Melissa, me, and Ann. We pledged together.

This is Eugene and Bo. One is in the AF, one is in the Navy, and we couldn't be prouder of either of them!

Chris, and his two roommates, V and Lance. Have I ever told you how thankful I am that Chris doesn't shave HIS head?

After we met up at The Gingerbread Man for dinner, we all headed to the Skeller for a few drinks...

Here is 1/2 of Mark, Eric Hall, Bob Alexander, and Kevin. Ok, so we had started drinking earnestly. Actually, Kevin took a $100 bill up to the bar, and asked for Kamikaze shots. The waitress asked how many, and Kevin told her "all of it..." So, 33 shots later, he did it AGAIN. Mixing shots with beer is just a bad thing

This is Rhonda Moore (Bo's wife, who we ADORE), Rob Zerbe, Teresa Fink, Scott Selzer, and Kevin O'Rourke on top. Bo, Zerbe, Teresa, Mark, Kevin, and Jason Rosen all pledged together. Jason was also my big brother out at the fraternity. Let me see if I can find a picture of him..

HERE'S Jason. I love him, love him, love him. Actually, he and I almost got married. No, we never dated, but if we got married, we could inherit 4.5 million dollars from his grandfather. We were serious enough to have told our parents about it, but we never followed through. We'd have been happy. But then I'd never have found Chris. It was fantastic to see him again. To say the least.

We proceeded to take over the dance floor. The evening was a great time - excited to see each other, a few drinks, and then dancing ourselves into a frenzy at closing time. Oh what a night...and that was just the FIRST few hours!! We still have more to go, on another post.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally, baby pictures. Of Mikey at least.

Pictures of the kids have been on the other computer, and I never blog from it. Well, last night my sweet husband finally made them accessible from the laptop!

So, in honor of their May birthdays, here are some pictures of Mikey. I'll do Molly next time. Second kids always get the shaft, don't they??

Mikey at One Month

Mikey at 4 months

Mikey at about 8 Months

Mikey at 9 months

Mikey's first birthday party

Mikey's second birthday party

After this, he still looks the same, so that's it for today - I have to go make the kids some lunch.

Oh, I am having this big reunion this weekend, right? So, I'm looking through old pictures of me and my friends. I find one that I am definitely in, because I can SEE me, and Chris says it's me too, but I have NO RECOLLECTION of it being taken. I don't even remember the trip. At all. I'd think I'd remember this one...

It's of about 25 of us. In the White House. In the Oval Office. At the desk.

I looked at it, and all I can say is "Huh? Is this ME? I don't remember this....."

Perhaps Altzheimers has set in already.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Hole in the Wall

No, I'm not talking about a little tucked-out-of-the-way bar. I'm talking, literally, about a hole in the wall. In my kitchen wall to be precise. Last night Chris decided to put a hole in the wall for an "eat in kitchen" bar, or a pass-thru. I admit, I was a little worried he wouldn't have it neatly done before the reunion this week. I worried for nothing. It still has to be sanded, stained, and painted around, but it is done.

Here are the pictures:

I forgot to mention- on our vacation, we also stopped by South of the Border. Check it out!!

I thought wearing the menus on the head as hats was hysterical. We felt like The Griswalds. Really, we did.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bloggers Block

I admit, I have the dreaded block. Have absolutely nothing to tell you. Since we got back from vacation, all we have been doing is playdates and the pool. No pictures to show,

HOLD THAT!! We did have Arts Fest here this weekend!! It is a HUGE festival of the arts held here at PSU annualy. My college roommate, Teresa, her oldest son, Kyle, and her boyfriend, Ray, came up for the weekend. It's fun that Kyle can sit while we go out to the bars! I dont' have any pictures, but trust me, we had fun!

I am planning a college reunion for us in 2 weeks time. Chris and I were on a trick Drill Team, sponsored by AFROTC here at PSU, as undergrads. So were most of our friends. The DT has actually stayed in pretty close contact considering it has been almost 20 years for most of us, or longer for some. I think there are just under 60 people returning, including family members. I have planned a spaghetti dinner, something we had as students, for the Saturday night. I'm sure most of you are tired of hearing about this reunion, but I am getting more and more excited. It's like having your friends come in town for your wedding, but you don't have to pay for anything! I remember how excited I was getting those RSVP envelopes in the mail. Well, this time I have been getting RSVP's via email. I'll keep you informed on all our activities!

Oh, and I did manage to receive an award. I need to pass it on.

I need to think of 5 people to pass it on to. Let's see who is deserving, in no particular order...

1. Stacy. She is Wendy's sister, and started a blog, and has kept up with it! Her adventures are fantastic, and her stories almost unbelievable. Find her, and you'll laugh, too!!

2. A.K. She has recently joined the AF family, and we welcome her. And her youthfullness. Heaven knows we need it!

3. Laura She found out she was pregnant shortly before I left Colorado Springs, and has done a fantastic job blogging Evie. Otherwise, I wouldn't even know what she looked like!!

4. Debs She and I were good friends when I was living and teaching in England, and it is great she has found me!

5. Erin. She convinced ME to blog (and look what has happened!), and is a fantastic friend to boot. We are blessed to be in the same bookclub, and her daughter is the BabyGap girl this year. And she found out today that her next child is probably a boy!!

Well, Chris is home from visiting his mom for a day or two, so I will go see my husband. I'll try to be better at taking pictures. Here is a picture for the sake of having one:

Yes, they both had birthdays in May, and I didn't even blog them. So, here is a picture from their party. We went roller skating for their party this year. Not a great picture, but I didn't really take many - I was too busy socializing with the moms!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lost information.

My dear husband was trying to fix my sister's blog page, but instead, deleted mine. In the process, I have lost some links on my sidebar.

Shinyoung, I know I have lost the address to your blog. Could you please email it to me?

I'm trying to think who else I have lost! Boo hoo....can you feel my pain?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello, out there!!

I check my site meter a lot. Why are you not commenting??? hee hee

Especially the one in Roanoke, VA...I grew up at Smith Mt. Lake! Say hello to me. Please?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Vacation, Part III
We went to EdVenture, the children's museum in Columbia, SC with Keeko and the kids. Boy, was it NEAT. I have been to a ton of these, both as a teacher and as a mom, and this one rated near the top! Here are some pictures. I took a LOT more, but won't post some - they were just for me to remember the museum, not necessarily of the kids. ha ha

Here is Mikey inside Ed's stomach - notice the food! The stomach and the head were the coolest.

Here is Mikey in the fire engine. They had a whole floor where you dressed up and practiced different jobs!

Molly gathered eggs from under a chicken, and milked a cow.

They changed a tire on a car, and drove a VW bug. Don'tcha love the matching Izod shirts? Thanks, Mom!! Now, let me explain the driving picture... Molly drove first, then Mikey came along. There wasn't a seat belt on the passenger side, so she crawled in back, he crawled in back to buckle her up, then he buckled up and started "driving". So sweet. So cute.

They played outside in the bubbles and water. They fished from a boat and took the fish to the market. Molly flew on a plane and balanced it to match the altimeter on the wall. They ran, crawled, explored, touched, pushed, pulled, balanced and tried EVERYTHING. It was great. And the grand finale? A pressed penny to save - we have them from all over the country.

We also went to Chuck E. Cheese one day, and here are Keeko, David, and me sitting in a booth. How exciting!!

We then took the kids home and threw them in the tub. And no, this was not ALL in one day!!

One of the highlights of MY week was our anniversary. We left the kids overnight for the first time ever. Not because we didn't WANT to, but who in the world wants to watch two little kids overnight? My mom and sister, that's who!

We went to Myrtle Beach, just the two of us. Two beach towels, no toys, no life jackets, and no paying attention to anything. It was great to take a nap on the beach, falling asleep to the sound of the waves, and not worry about a kid being in the water! The kids prize? Another pressed penny, and some shells. And a mommy and daddy that had a much deserved night out. We stayed at Broadway at the Beach, and had a fabulous time!

We went back to my parents house, and left the next day for Richmond. Then, yesterday, we finally came home. As much as I enjoyed being on "vaycay", I really was happy to be home again. There's no place like home, no matter where the AF sends you.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


His name is Ed.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vacation, Part II
Gosh, where did I leave you? OK, so we made it to Florence, SC to visit with my parents.
We took the kids to ToysRUs. That was a big deal, because we don't have one of those in State College. They had gift cards from Uncle Mark for their birthday, and couldn't wait to go. They did understand the economics lesson and how much things cost compared to the value of their card! Molly got some new Pet Shop animals, and Mikey got a new Leap Pad. Thanks Uncle Mark!
Let me find a picture for you....

OH! We went to Myrtle Beach for a night.

The place we stayed had a water park, too, which the kids loved.

While I went upstairs for the camera, the kids (Chris) left me a message in the sand. How can I not adore my husband??

So, it's hard to see. I haven't learned all of my camera settings yet. You'll have to deal with it. hee hee

Molly and Chris went down the Lazy River. The funniest part? Ok, see the tiles behind them?
She must have pointed to them a million times, and picked out a speck on each one. And every time she'd say "Mom, see this spot....right HERE??" And I'd patiently say "Um-hum..." And every single time she'd say "We're right HERE!!" Like she was looking at a map of the world, and the gold things were continents, or at least pieces of land. I admit, I was a bit proud of her for recognizing they are similar. At least the first 286 times I was. After the 287th time, I just laughed.

She's a funny one.

For a parting challenge:

Is anyone out there well-traveled enough to know who THIS is?? Go on, take a guess!!