Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One in a Million

You know how when something happens, you say "Wow, that was a one-in-a-million!" Or "They're one-in-a-million!"

Well, here is our One in a Million.

Chris went to Japan last month, right? He bought Mikey a sumo wrestler keychain that Mikey ADORED. Note the past tense. Yup, on the walk home from the bus stop, the keychain fell OFF the bookbag and crashed to the sidewalk, where it promptly shattered. Picture the child crying all the way home holding pieces of his sumo wrestler. So, of course one of Chris's favorite phrases is "Daddy can fix ANYTHING!" This sumo wrestler he couldn't fix.

Picture a Daddy trying to figure something out. He gets on the internet to buy a NEW one. Of course! Only problem? None to be had. He tries googling it. All he managed to find was a pretty girl in Canada that had taken a picture of one. As a last resort, he emailed her to see if she would part with it for love or money. (Preferably money, since he IS married.) The chances? About one in a million, we figured.

Luckily for him, and for Michael, she emailed back. Not only would she mail it, she would accept no money. Talk about a one-in-a-million!

The kids got a package from Canada this week. Here are the details:

Not only did she send the sumo, Jen sent all kinds of little toys. Now mind you, Molly LOVES everything little. She's carried "treasures" as we call them in her hands since she could grasp. And these are some cool treasures!

Inside that crocodile are little crocodile "sandwiches" made out of bread and everything! And that little water bottle opens with a fake little straw! And in the egg on the left is a little "towel" to clean up with. It's all so intricate and detailed. Right up her alley.

And to top it off, check out this nice letter.

So, Jen, you have obviously read the blog to know about the kids and Bandit. You have an incredible heart to make these two kids so happy. These two kids that I love, but you don't even know. You are One in a Million, that's for sure.

Worst Wife of the Year Award

Goes to - you guessed it! Me. I didn't even blog a Father's Day thing. I suck. Sorry honey. You KNOW we adore you. Right?

So, here is your Doodle.

And here is your Toonies.

Happy Father's Day, honey. Sorry about that. But on the bright side, I didn't spend any money doing this, right? :-)

A few quick answers.

The studio is right near the Corner Room, and the windows face Hammond Building. Diagonally you can see the mall and the Loop stop.

The other artists. Lisa paints gourds, and Amy does flower arrangements. We also sell Dawn's fused-glass ornaments and Jeannie's bags. (sort of like tote bags, or purses, or school bags, or beach bags, or whatever...) Lisa, Amy and I are the only ones using the "work room" though. I'll put up pictures when we finish decorating shortly, I promise.

We are going to open for Arts Fest, so we are busy busy busy creating and cranking stuff out. Pricing is the trickiest part for me. Handcrafted cards. Hmmm. I could sell a lot for a dollar each, but the TIME I put into them. Two dollars might be too much, though. Although if I mail them to friends, I insure them for $4 each. ( Hey, I don't want to remake them!!) Any thoughts, opinions, etc. are all welcome.

Today is finally Michael's last day at school, and it's a half day, so I'm off to the bus stop. HELLO SUMMER!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Studio

It's official - we've opened a studio!! Two of my girlfriends and I have opened a working studio, and a showroom right next door. It's PRIME real estate (right on the 100 block of College Avenue), the AC is now turned on so it's nice and cool, and we are all moved in.

All of my stuff is out of the house. (I stamp for those of you who didn't know.)
I'll be more inspired to go down there to work, having it feel like a real "job", with a place to sell my stuff.
Chris finally has more room in the house for HIS junk.
The girlfriends are down there working, TOO! It is almost like a "female fort"!

I've been giddy with excitement since Wednesday when I moved in. Absolutely giddy. All I want to do is go down to the studio!

I have to drive the 3 miles to work on my stuff instead of having it here in the dining room
Getting SO close to these girls, and having to move next year.

I don't have any pictures to post, as it is still a work in progress, but I will, I promise. I'll be spending evenings at the studio, after the kids get in the tub. During the school year I can go at lunch, and work un-interrupted until I have to be home at 3 to get the kids off the bus!!

Life is great. Absolutely great.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Our Short But Sweet Vacation

We made our pilgrimage to Colorado Springs last week for commissioning and graduation. It was a lot of fun, although cold. Here are some of the highlights of the trip:
Michael and Molly asleep before we even hit Baltimore.

Michael and Ryley, Teresa's youngest son, playing Guitar Hero III.

Mitchy and the kids rock climbing at Garden of the Gods. I was laughing with Chris, reminding him how Mitchell became Mitchy. I told Chris he COULDN'T call him Mitchy, and he told me that he dared Mitchell to tell him that he couldn't call him that. Mitchy it was, and still is...

Mitchy rock climbing as we left. He was a long way off and didn't even know we had pulled off the road to take the picture.

Us with Mitchy at the parade. What a handsome kid, huh? Well, I guess not much of a kid anymore.

After lunch we went to Karla's house, and Anne came over to meet us. It was so good to hang out with close girlfriends. You know the ones - the ones who expect you to get what you want out of their fridge, and the ones who can correct your kids or you can correct their's, and not only do they not mind, they are thankful. The ones you can be your total complete self around, and they love you anyway.

Mitchy gave the kids his cadet hat. Michael wore it around all afternoon, just as proud as can be. I love how kids don't know they look dorky, they just like something, so why NOT wear it?! I wish adults could be more like that.

This is Karina, or as Michael used to say, "B-queen-a". Still as pretty as ever.

And our Godson, Colin. What a sweetie! I can't believe it has been two years since we have seen him. WAY too long...

I even had almost an hour to run by and see the twins! I couldn't put them down the entire time, but the best part was just laughing with Brandy. It is wonderful to hear her and know that not only is she a great mom, she is a REAL mom. Thanks, Brandy! I enjoyed the laughs. :-)

We then had to fly back to BWI and spent the weekend in D.C. with the kids Godfather, Mark. Well, for those of you who know me, Mark needs no introduction at all. I've known him since my first month of college. He's my Mark. Teresa and her boys met us all out for Saturday afternoon. I love hanging out with my college roommate, her kids, and my best friend from college, and my own husband and kids. It was a great day all around. AND it was Molly's real birthday!!

I'll save the National Zoo for another day. I'm way too tired tonight!!

I didn't even take pictures of Laura, Bryon and Evie, or of the actual graduation and commissioning - my camera battery was low and I forgot to take it to Laura's anyway. I'm a sucky blogger, huh?

You know one of the best parts of vacation? Coming home.