Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meet Bandit

Sorry guys, I didn't have the pictures when I wanted to blog!! Here is an abridged version of the dog story:

I was looking through looking for a small rescue dog for weeks. Not that I really WANTED a dog, but I was just seeing what was out there. During the girls weekend in Baltimore we saw a lady picking up a puppy to fly to CA. It was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy - the cutest thing I ever did see. So, to make a long story short, I found a puppy that needed rescuing in OH that was 1/2 Cavalier, 1/2 toy English Spaniel. However, it was pending adoption already. I called the shelter to see exactly what "pending" meant. It turns out, the lady was supposed to pick it up the day before and didn't show up! I turned in my application on Sunday and went to school on Monday a nervous wreck about getting a dog. Lisa told me she would come with me to get the puppy, so I was looking forward to the trip if I got approved.

Monday night I got approved, but the puppy had a vet appointment on Saturday. In the meantime, I sent a picture to Amy of ANOTHER puppy at the shelter, which was also half Cavalier, but half Cocker. She fell in love with that one. It, too, said "pending". I told the shelter I could come pick up the puppy on Monday evening. On Sunday night Amy called the lady with the dogs, and asked about the other puppy. There were several applications on that one, but they had other dogs. Amy said no, she really had her heart set on THAT dog, but that was ok. At 9:15 Sunday night Amy gets a phone call from the shelter, even though she hadn't left her name or number. If she wanted the dog, fill out an application, bring the cash, and she could take it home with me on Monday. It turns out the first application was having a hard time coming up with the money, and the next application was from South Carolina, and who knew when they could come get it?

On Monday morning at school we were so excited for our big trip - 3 of us going, 2 of us getting puppies. Monday was also Amy's birthday, and when Barbara heard, she wanted to come with us. Becky, our director, got a sub for Barbara for the afternoon and we were all free to go at noon!!

Our trip there was a LOT of fun. We really wanted to be safe drivers, so we added extra protection!

Once we got to the shelter Lisa saw a Shitzu (which is NOT spelled right!) and called her husband. He said no, Amy and I got our dogs, and we left. Less than a mile down the road Lisa's husband called her back and told her to go get the dog. We went back, got the dog, and headed home.

Luckily Barbara didn't mind driving because we were all holding puppies the whole trip home!

4 of us went, and 3 came home with puppies. We are loving them!

We didn't tell the kids about the puppy, preferring to surprise them instead. Boy, were they ever surprised on Tuesday morning!!

That is our latest addition to the family, and will probably be it. We are thinking the dog will grow to about 12 pounds, and he is 6 pounds now. He sure is a cute puppy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our family is growing again.

More details next post.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

He couldn't get it up...

The KITE. What were YOU thinking on my family blog???!

Molly wanted her picture taken on Friday morning before school, so here she is in all of her glory.

This Saturday was the annual Walk for Autism here in State College. I taught Parker last year and I have his sister Ava this year. He is an incredible kid from an incredible family, so we do what we can to support him. Look who Mikey saw!!

I apologize for the blurry pictures - there was a smudge on my lens....

I took Michael to lunch at the restaurant of his choice after we did the walk. McDonalds, which surprised me! I expected Indian or Korean. I asked him what the best part of his day had been. His answer? "Spending time with you." Right back atcha, Mikey.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Something to blog about...

Hmmm. I'm at a loss this time. I want it to be something interesting enough to READ, but my life is so mundane lately.

Molly had 2 birthday parties this weekend. She's now at the age where you "Stop, Drop and Run". I've discovered this means new-found freedom! Each day I had 2 (count 'em - TWO) hours to do whatever I wanted to. With no kids. And nothing really to do. SO, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get my K-cups for my morning tea. Then, I went to Sam's to return some shorts I had gotten for Mikey. They were way too big. I strolled around and tasted some foods, and got a fantastic recipe for beans I'll make for the Blue/White game next weekend. I went to Barnes and Noble to spend my Christmas gift cards from my kids at school. I ran to McDonald's to get a sweet tea and a fry (one of my downfalls). Then I went back to get Molly, feeling refreshed and happy.

Sunday was reserved for Michael's and Wegman's, both with no kids. Ah...the joy of birthday parties.

Next weekend I won't have nothing to do because it is during the Annual Autism Walk here at PSU. I'd rather do the walk than have nothing to do, and it's for a great cause. Parker, who I taught last year, has autism. I looked at a kids' book at Barnes and Noble about a friend with autism, but I didn't want to buy it. I really don't think Mikey and Molly REALIZE he has autism. He's just Parker. So, why introduce it until they notice? It'll wait...

Oh, speaking of autism. Chris, Mikey and Molly were the picture on the front of the flyer this year! It was of Chris and the kids in the wagon. It made us laugh. The funniest part? The local PBS station did a show on Parker to air last weekend for Autism Month. After the interview they were talking about how wonderful the walk was, and how it was for a good cause to "help families like these". And THEN, they showed the picture of Chris, Mikey and Molly!!!

I wonder who they thought had autism in that picture. I'll have to show them this year that they have been miraculously cured! Is that spelled right? I can't figure out how to do spell-check on this thing.

Now, for a picture. This is Molly when we lived in Colorado Springs, and is our screen saver right now. I love it!