Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Every now and then, things come out of Molly's mouth and we want to say "Did you REALLY just say that?"

The other night Chris took the kids up to USAFA for an ice hockey game. They arrived, got their tickets, and went to find their seats. As they approached the top of the aisle and looked down on the rink Molly asks "Are we at the OLYMPICS??!" Chris answered "No, honey, we're at the Academy..." to which she replied "Oh yeah...otherwise we'd have to drive to Canada."

And tonight I was driving them between piano and Boy Scouts. For their birthdays they want to take a trip back to State College. They asked how much it would cost and I told them "Oh, about $2000 for everything..." I hear them whispering in the back seat and Molly says "Well, mom and I can go, and you and Dad can stay here for some BOY time." Michael replied "But then you'd get to see Miss Rebecca and Mr. Jim and the Creamery and everyone and that's not fair."
Molly's response? "Well, Michael, sometimes Life just isn't fair..."

I didn't know whether to crack up or scold, so I did a bit of both.