Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation, Part I

Well, we are on vacation, so there has been no post for awhile. Sorry about that!

We started off going to Philly to see Tracy and Frumper, our neighbors from Wright-Patt. Well, we tell THEM we went to see them - we really went to see their new son, Andrew. Check out this cutie.

Then, we headed to Baltimore to the National Aquarium. It was a lot of fun, if you don't count the unexpected run-in with an ex-husband. I had to laugh - I haven't seen him or heard from him in 10 years, and there we met at the top of the escalator. I had not a thing to say to him, so I just let him on first, and watched him run down the left side as fast as he could go. No loss. We took the kids to the dolphin show, which was excellent! They really enjoyed it.

Now, after this the quality of picture was not the greatest. I think I messed up a setting on the camera, so bear with me. We left the aquarium and went to Teresa's house, where we had a DELICIOUS lasagne. She was my roommate in college, and she never cooked for me then! It was yummy. And, as usual, her boys were a lot of fun. They are coming to visit us in the middle of July. How many teenage boys would hug a little girl?

Then, we made a quick run over to another friend's house from college. Gina moved to town the day before (picture a house full of boxes) and we wanted to welcome her before she left for her old job again. What is her new job, you might ask? Go ahead, ask! She is the Air Force Aide to the President. Yup, I typed that right. She has had a wonderful career so far, and this is a great move - not only did she get a great job, she is close to her family! Way to go, Gina.

Then, we got back in the car, and went to Fairfax, VA for lunch. I met someone that Chris used to work with before we got married, so that was fun. It was California Pizza Kitchen, one of my new favorite restaurants.

Back in the car for the drive to Richmond, VA. It only took us 4 hours to make a drive that should have been less than 1/2 that, but you can never count on good traffic. We spent the weekend with my roommate, Heather, from before Chris and I got married. It was great to see her and her family again. I'm taking advantage of living within driving distance before we head back out to Colorado Springs! They took us to the pool for the afternoon, so here are some pictures of that.

The highlight of the day was Mikey learning to hold his breath to dive for a penny. We were so proud!

We left Richmond, and went to Langley AFB to meet up with a friend of Chris and his wife. We hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving weekend, so it was good to catch up. He is getting out of the AF and they are moving to Houston to have a baby and live near family. They are so excited!

Then, we got back in the car and got a hotel on the beach for the night. It was called The Cape Henry Inn. There is a fantastic new playground for the kids that was so new, it isn't even on the internet. The kids LOVED the beach!!

The next morning, guess what we did after we played on the beach? Got back in the car, of course, and headed to good ol' Florence, SC. Why, you may ask? God only knows. No, my parents are living here, and they haven't seen the kids in ages. So, here we are. Tomorrow, we head to Myrtle Beach for the night, and I'll post more pictures after that part of the trip...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Travel abroad, for free!

You need to go visit England, virtually. My friend from when I lived over there, Debs, JUST started her own blog. Let's encourage her, and ask lots of questions so she has something to tell us about. At least, until she gets used to telling us anything, like WE do...ha ha ha.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Caterpillar Poop

Check out the damage. Chris and I sit on our porch or deck, and it sounds like rain. But is it? Noooo, it's not. It's poop. Caterpillar poop, raining down on us. It is ALL over the place, and feels like cat litter under your feet. I'm tired of this shit. Really, I am.

Col. Z. came to visit us. He was Chris's old boss when Chris was his executive officer, back in 2001. He became a good family friend, and still visits us often. The kids absolutely ADORE him. They gave him cuddles and hugs the entire time he was here! It was great to see him again. While he was here we went to the Firemans Parade in Centre Hall. It was a parade that consisted of fire trucks and baton twirlers. Some of the twirlers made me look tiny!! I wonder how old they were. High school? No joke, I felt pretty petite next to some of them as they marched by.

The rest of the parade consisted of candy being thrown and the kids scooping it up. This parade went in front of Michele's house (my assistant at school), so we had prime real estate! Here is a quick video of the kids:

Centre Hall Firemans' Parade

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We also went on a play date and had a water balloon fight. The kids had a blast! I think it took us about 40 minutes to fill all the balloons, and about 52 seconds for them to all be splatted.

And finally, I have a bad mom admission:

I have a slightly difficult time getting our kids to eat fruits and vegetables. Molly more than Mikey. So, I googled scurvy, and showed them pictures of kids that had it. I explained if they DON'T eat fruits and vegetables, that the bowed legs will happen to them, too. So, every now and then, we have a "scurvy check". The kids stand up, straighten their legs, and I "examine" them. I am happy to report, no scurvy in the Solo household yet. I'll keep you posted, though...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Schools OUT for SUMMER!!

Yup, I'm done. I have to go clean out my room tomorrow, and then that's it. I have over 2 months off. Hooray!

I will miss the parents as much as I will miss their kids. I had such an incredible group of moms this year. They were fun, funny, and understanding.
My Tuesday/Thursday group got together and got us each a gift certificate to Talbot's. That way, it HAS to be spent on me. Good thinking, huh?

My M/W/F group got us some "different" gifts. One was a bag for the pool with a magazine, water, chips, chocolate and gum in it. How perfect!
Another got me a $30 gift certificate for a local bar. They didn't have the easiest kid, and thought I could use a drink. That made me laugh and laugh.
One mom got me a new Bible. The exact one that I had been looking at online. God works in mysterious ways. I mean, the EXACT one.
I got gift cards to Barnes and Noble (yeah for summer reading!) and Starbucks, too.

Yes, my pay is lousy. An insult, actually. But I am SO happy teaching there. We had happy parents, happy kids, and happy teachers in my room. I am glad it is the summer, but I will be just as excited to start again...

Here is a video of Mikey on his bike. The funniest part? Turn on the sound, and listen to Molly in the background.

When Mikey and Molly listened to it, Molly said "it's just me whining...."
Chris laughed at her.

I'm off to get ready to take the kids to the pool!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

True Friends

True friends are always there for you. You can be yourself, and not worry they will judge you. You can cry to them, complain about your husband and/or kids to them, or call them up to tell them the funniest thing you have heard all day.

True friends are hard to come by. And true friends sometimes move.

It's comforting to be reminded you are not forgotten.

Thanks to my book club for really brightening my day. You manage to think of me when YOU are going through so much, both personally and as a group.

I am so honored to be a part of this group of women. Even though we are scattering to the corners of the United States, we are still so much a part of each others lives. We are true friends.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mikey's soccer movie!!

He had a great time playing soccer this season, and really enjoyed Daddy coaching him!

Here is the newest addition to the "empty backyard". I was wanting to show you all week, but we had to wait for the slide to come in!!

Yup, two swings, rock wall, wave slide, 5x5 fort, ladder, steering wheel, telescope, roof, and a "snack bar". It was supposed to be a sand box, but Chris has already build them a BETTER sand box, so he put in a floor, and a bar to eat on. The kids said it is for " Mommy and Daddy to bring a cooler and have a beer!" They are so funny. They know us so well!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our week at the Solo's...

Today Mikey learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels. I was so proud. And so sad. Chris was great - running behind him, his arms outstretched in case his son wobbled. I sat on the porch, watching with tears in my eyes. He's getting to be such a big boy.

I had my annual exam to refill my Pill prescription yesterday. You know how they ask you a million questions before the Pap smear? So, I'm answering these questions as fast as they fire them at me. Finally they get to "Are you sexually active?" I want to say "Why else would I be here - I need to get my refill!" Instead, I keep a straight face, and say "Yeah....unless I'm exhausted...then I just lie there..." She looked at me, not quite knowing WHAT to say until I winked at her. Then she cracked up and said "I think we all do that sometimes!" I wonder how long it took her to tell the others out in the office what I had said. Hey, at least I made her laugh!

Molly got a gift card from Uncle Mark for her birthday. She called him to tell him thanks, and her conversation went like this:
"Hi Uncle Mark. Thanks for the gift card. How much money is on it??"
I laughed and took the phone away from her. Mark said "She is a true Jennings". Hey, at least she takes after ME! ha ha