Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - recap

I did not fall of the face of the earth, or forget about my little blog. I simply had some adjusting to do. The changes this move brought did not go nearly as easily as I had hoped, but I've come through it all successfully.

I turned 40. Chris flew me out to PSU for a long weekend and I got to see a lot of close friends. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Teresa (my college roommate), Mark (my college BFF), Claudia (one of my bridesmaids), my mom, and my Aunt Helaire (who I named Molly after) all came up to visit and stayed at Rebecca and Jim's with me. It was a VERY good weekend. Fun, busy, and exciting with a PSU football game all rolled into 4 days. At the end of the week, I realized that "Hey, I'm 40. But I don't feel any older."
We moved. I think all of the changes that incurred had a lot to do with all of the adjustments. Now that it's been a semester, we've not only survived, but done quite well! I have a part-time job that I enjoy, the kids are in school that we all absolutely LOVE, Chris is having fun teaching cadets Probability and Statistics, Michael is doing soccer and Scouts, Molly is doing piano and Scouts, and I have started taking piano lessons, too. Our gym is absolutely incredible, and I admit, when we do move, I'll miss it.

Now that it's the end of 2009 and tomorrow starts 2010, it's not so bad looking back. It seemed horrible during it, but now that it's over, 2009 wasn't that bad. Well, besides when I actually got the dreaded Swine Flu. But, now I have some great antibodies in my body!!

Beginning tomorrow we will have a Lt. Colonel living in the house. Now, that's making me feel older than turning 40 did. After all, Lt. Colonels are OLD. Like, OLD PEOPLE old. Perhaps it will be like my birthday, where after the fact it wasn't so bad...
Here are some long awaited pictures. :-)
Michael and Molly on the first day of school in their uniforms.

Rebecca and Jim came out for Christmas and we all went to Garden of the Gods. I think their trip out here was the highlight of the last 6 months for me. Life returned to normal, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Michael and Molly decorating their Gingerbread House. And being sweet!
Michael got glasses this fall. He thought he wouldn't like them, but once he figured out he could see better, he loved them!

We all went to a corn maze in Denver for the day. It was QUITE the maze. Notice the warm clothes we had on - it was 82 that day (yes, in October) and there was snow on the mountains!!

Molly and Michael on Halloween. Molly was Scooby for the third year in a row, and Michael dressed up as "Daddy". They were in a contest on base, and Mikey got first for his catagory, while Molly got second. She isn't a very happy second place winner, is she? ha ha

I'll try to do better next year.