Sunday, September 23, 2007

My 10,000th visitor!! From Pandora, OH...

Who are you?

Tonight we were playing a game to get the kids to eat their dinner. I started it with "If you think you had fun playing soccer today, eat a carrot..."

Chris and I made up a few, and the kids loved it. Then, Mikey said "OH, I'VE got one!!"

He then said "If you think mommy spends money faster than daddy can make it, eat a green bean..."
I couldn't eat from laughing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Summer lovin', had me a blast....

Look at my big kids. Aged 5 and 4, but big kids now. Sure, it's only a little coaster, but they LOVED it!! They really are at such a fun age.

Things to think about in my life lately:

1. Football season is FUN!! Tailgating three weeks in a row takes a lot out of a girl, let me tell you! I know, I know, most of you have no pity at all. I'm lucky to be able to do it for this season and next...and I love having friends come to visit for game weekends. That's the sole reason for buying a house with the 4th bedroom.

2. School started. I think both classes will be really good this year. My MWF class is already pretty easy, and I have high hopes for my TR class. Even if not, I only see them twice a week! LOL

3. My friend had a son killed in Iraq this month. My heart aches for her as it hasn't in a long time. I really wish I could do something for her. She lives in CO, and lived near us in OH, too. Came to the wedding, had a son the same week I had Mikey (Dane was much older, from a previous marriage), and had another after I had Molly. Such a wonderful mom, such a wonderful family. He was such a good kid. You know, lots of people say "Oh, he's a good kid..." But Dane WAS a good kid. Sparkly eyes, good manners, could carry a decent conversation with adults on his own. Grew up right in front of me. Gone. What a terrible loss.

4. Fall is arriving. Leaves will have to be raked soon. Shit.

5. My book club had a reunion this past weekend in FL. Luckily, I didn't buy a ticket to go, because I was on the couch not feeling well for a lot of the weekend. Although I do miss them. You want to know what stinks? I wasn't feeling well, I didn't eat much for 3 days, and I don't think I lost a single pound!! I wish I had at LEAST lost some of my gut....

6. I have my first PTO meeting tonight as a PARENT. Boy, do I feel old.

7. Both kids have started soccer season. So, now we have soccer on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and twice on Sunday. When you have to be out of the house by 5:30, having dinner already eaten, the early bird specials at old people restaurants are looking pretty appealing...!

8. Mikey came home with "The Mystery Box" from kindergarten on Friday. He was so excited that he had all weekend to think of something for it. You have to choose an item, write 3 clues, and take it to school to see who can guess it. Whoever guesses correctly gets to take the box home! (Unless you've already had a turn, then you pick a stick with a kids name on it to see who gets it.)
His clues were:
- it is white
- it is light
- you take it camping

Answer: a marshmallow!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I'll blog soon! School started, we had 3 home football games in a row, and I have a nasty cold. I'm off to Bunko, but I promise I'll blog soon! I haven't forgotten about my blog...just neglected it horribly...sorry.....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

There he goes...

My first born. My baby. My big boy. Off he went to kindergarten. I was nervous, excited, sad and proud all rolled into one. I had to trust that he would get to the right classroom, eat lunch, and get home on the right bus. Anything else is just an added bonus on the first day of kindergarten. As a mommy, I was terrified. As a teacher, I knew he'd be just fine.

Kindergarten teachers have it down to a science, let me tell you. Everything is color coded, sorted with shapes, and ready to go on the first day. You HAVE to be overly prepared when you teach little kids. This morning, after he had gone, I remembered so clearly teaching kindergarten - how excited the kids were, how worried the parents were, and how I had to assure them that all was well. I do not want to be a PITA parent. I will let Mrs. Valent teach, and I will parent.

So, I had my tear or two roll down my face after the bus left, and went on to school. The big problem was MOLLY! After we got in the car to leave, she cried and cried. Every bus we saw started her off again with her saying in between tears "Is THAT his bus...?" It was their first big separation. She had to look at his car seat all the way to school, knowing that he was on a bus, going to a different school, all without HER. It was sad. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier on both of us.

Mikey was a different story. Excited, focused, and serious, he quickly boarded the bus and left. The best part was picking him up at the bus stop and having him chat the whole walk home about his day. (The bus stop is at the end of the road, 6 houses down.) We got to hear all about snack, lunch, having TWO playtimes outside, and his centers at school today. It was all new to me, so I was a captive audience! I just wanted to know EVERYTHING. How did he do talking at show-and-tell? Did he make any friends? Did he sit on the carpet nicely? Did he have good manners? Was he enthusiastic or calm? I wish I could be a fly on the wall. Then I could watch him grow up. Without me.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!

In all of the cold, rainy days we had the most fun play date! We went over to Parker and Ava's house and played with THEIR toys, so it was like having new toys to play with. Some of you may remember that Parker is the child from my class last year who has autism, and Ava is his little sister, who I have this year. Anyway.

After playing with toys, their super-duper-cool mom, Robin, let the kids FLY through the air in the livingroom. We spread all of the cushions on the floor and let the kids jump off of the couch. I couldn't stop laughing! Check it out.

Much fun was had by all. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time, just listening to the kids squeal and giggle. Parker and Ava had better watch out during the next wet/cold weather, because we'll show up to jump in the livingroom again!!

I wish I could take credit for the great pictures, but Robin took them. I got to just sit and laugh.