Monday, November 27, 2006

One of my favorites...
Enough said.

Packed and Ready

The kids packed what they thought they would need for two nights in Pittsburgh, and here it all is! Right down to a fake potted flower from her bedroom, a bottle of vitamins, their mouthwash, tissues, toys, blankets...I just wish they had thought of clothes!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quick update.

I did join the gym yesterday. Tuesday and Thursday will be my weight days, with MWF being my cardio days. I'm pretty friggin' exhausted, but am waiting for Chris to come home.

He had an exam tonight, so he didn't even get to see the kids. I feel badly for all three of them on these nights.

We met Mark's mom and dad at the Creamery today for ice cream. "Pop Pop" asked the kids if they wanted ANYTHING else... he'd get it for them! He spoils those kids rotten. Which I appreciate, because they don't see my dad often. Mark's parents have become grandparents to my kids. Which I love. Because I love Mark. At one of the football games his sister looked at the kids, and the first thing she said was "Look how big they've gotten!" I wanted to say - "You've never seen them before...." until I realized that she has seen them, in pictures. Either from Mark or at his parent's house. And that made me love the Keller family even more. For keeping up with my kids.

While at the Creamery, Mikey asked to go to the bathroom. Well, he had been in there for longer than it takes him to pee, so I said "Are you ok in there?" He said back (in between grunts) "Can you turn on the fan?" I just laughed. I love that kid.

I'm so full of love tonight, can ya tell? I just talked to Mona, a friend from middle school that I keep up with. She came to visit us once a year out in CO. I love her, too. And I never hesistate to tell her.

I am one of those people that think you SHOULD tell people when you love them, if you get the chance. Or if you take the chance. Never take them for granted. Especially friends. I'd rather have 5 friends that I can call if I ever need them than 40 people I can call for a party. I guess that's why I'm so loyal to my friends. Because I appreciate them.
I have a friend going through a hard time with her husband right now. And I like the fact that she calls me. Because that makes me her friend. I am the one she can call when she needs to cry, laugh, or just sound things out. And I like knowing that friends love me as much as I love them.

OK, this has turned into a long update. Sorry. I'm going to shower to try to relax these muscles of mine that haven't been used in way too long.

Love you guys.

Monday, November 13, 2006

He can READ!!

Mikey read his first word today - map. I was so proud! It was on a mailbox-type of thing on the street, and he asked me what it said. I looked around and couldn't find a word that he was talking about, and he said "That one. Map." I looked around, and there it was! Map! No pictures or anything, just the word. I am one proud mama.

Fat or fit?

I am going to join a gym. Probably tomorrow. LOL No, I mean it. There is a gym about 50 yards from school, and I can go while the kids eat lunch. I am actually pretty excited about it! I just have to remember that the other girls working out are 1/2 my age and have had no children, so I can't compare myself. Personally, I think that is a good reason to go and just feel good about myself in general!

There are free weights, machines, and classes, although the classes are Sat. and Sunday evenings. So, every now and then, ask me how the gym is going...or if I am going.
But don't look for any pictures to be posted!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

They are lucky to be alive.

We went to Wal-Mart today. Nothing strange there. We had a list of things to buy for the Operation Christmas Child boxes. Nothing strange there. We pushed, shopped, and bought a few extra things (NOT on the list) for the boxes. Again, nothing strange there. Then, we went to the check-out. Here I am, feeling all warm inside buying gifts for kids with less. Lots less. I let the kids get some extra things for the little kids. I'm smiling, holding my head high, teaching my children a life lesson, right? (Picture a smug Susie here...)
So, we are checking out, and I hear two little ANGELS saying to the lady in the next line "Stupid lady!" I think to myself "that CAN'T be MY two kids.....CAN IT??" So, I look up from talking to the cashier about the weather, and there they are, popping their heads up and down, looking at the lady in the next line, taking turns (at least they were taking turns) saying "Stupid lady! Stupid lady!" OK, something strange there.
I made them get OUT of the card, march their butts over the the lady, and apologize. I was absolutely mortified, to put it lightly. I stayed calm until they were in the car, buckled in, and ready to drive the 100 yards to Sam's. Then, I blew. Picture one pissed mommy and two crying kids in the Blazer. Not a pretty sight.
I stopped, drove to Sam's, and threatened them within an inch of their life. Shopping in Sam's was pretty peaceful, since they were forbidden to SPEAK! Needless to say, they got no ice cream cone at Sam's today. As the lady they apologized to said as she looked at me "It gets easier, it really does...." I was so flustered, I accidently left my bags and had to walk the 10 feet back to get them. Sometimes, I wish I could take home the groceries and leave the KIDS.
It does get easier, the difficulties are just different. There are always challenges to parenting. I just pray I can face them and teach the children along the way.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mikey Wants a Squirrel

Mikey and Molly were watching the squirrels play in the front yard today. I'm chatting on the phone with Kristen when Mikey calls for me. He wanted to go outside, catch a squirrel, and bring the animal in the house. I told him that he couldn't, because the squirrel would bite him, but we could go up on campus and FEED the squirrels, because they will eat out of your hand there. He replied that no, he had a bucket ready to go outside to catch the squirrel, and would it still bite him? I told him yes, and got off the phone to see what he was up to.
He came back upstairs, took his coat off, and said he was ready to go to campus to catch his squirrel. He would put his bucket like "this" and the opening "there" (with huge arm motions while squatting down) and we could bring it home! I told him that we couldn't bring the squirrel home, that the mommy squirrel would miss it. He solved that by saying we could bring them BOTH home, the baby AND the mommy!! I just said "No, honey, squirrels live in trees....but hey!'s time for CLIFFORD!!"

If all else fails, there is always PBS. Besides, I love those happy giggles while Clifford is on. Clifford and Curious George are their afternoon treats on these more frequently cold, drizzly afternoons. Their treats, and my 60 minutes of peace and quiet. Just enough time to blog and relax.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kids Stuff

In the above picture they were at a Halloween party that we went to - and Mikey wanted to be Prince Charming. I managed it with some curtain tassles and some tie-back cord from Wal-Mart, with a few safety pins. The cord went like a Miss America sash, and the tassles around his shoulders. Hey, it was cheezy, but he was happy, everyone knew who he was, and it was cheap and easy!

I was thinking of things the kids say that make me laugh...

Molly wants cornflakes, but asks for snowflakes.
She likes to play frisbee, but says quizbee.

Oh, and their favorite song for this week? "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" They belt it out when it comes on their CD in the car! Very cute.

Molly is the biggest girly-girl. Is she even my daughter?? Every day, she wants to wear a dress with tights. Sock tights. NO jeans, and if I am lucky, she'll wear some leggings and a fleecy shirt. So, if any of you see any sales on dresses with matching tights, let me know where to look! She's almost up to a size 4 now. Long legs, tiny body.

The two kids are at the front window watching the leaf sucker. Twice a week the machine comes by to suck up any raked leaves and take them away. The kids like to watch the thing come around, but miss the leaves they can play in. We have to tarp our leaves out of the back yard still, so there will be PLENTY of leaves once we do that. You can't even see the back yard due to the depths of leaves.

Mitchell, our cadet from USAFA that we sponsor, flew in for the weekend for a visit. I'll post some pictures if he and Chris ever get up today. :-) I think the bars must have been a good time last night, and Chris forgets that he's not still 21.

Sitting here watching the kids play, I remember how much work it was when Molly was born. Mikey hadn't even been walking for a month, and didn't speak for SO long. He was a fat little thing, and she was in that bucket carrier forever, so I was trying to carry both of them if I was in a hurry...and getting up to feed Molly, and Chris was in AFIT...and now they are so much fun. They play all of the time, sometimes for hours without interruption, and especially since we moved, have become the best of friends. They aren't really concerned that they don't play with that many other people - they have each other. I don't really remember much of Molly's first year, but am thankful that I have them both so close together now. They really are my pride and joy. I just hope I don't spoil them rotten.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick Quip

Tonight Mikey was trying to get me to give him some dessert before he finished his dinner. Here were his best tries:

"Mommy, if you give me a fruit snack RIGHT NOW, then I will let you stay up LATE. PAST your bedtime!!"

Then, I got on the phone and in the background he starts singing "If you give me a fruitsnack, I will let you play with my toys in the morning, if it isn't a school day..."

Have I mentioned lately how much I love that kid??

And no, I didn't give him a fruit snack. But Chris laughed so hard he did. Usurped again.

Happy Halloween!

Last night was one of the best moments of my life that I can remember. It ranked right up there with taking the kids to their first PSU game...we went trick-or-treating. It was a quiet night, the weather was absolutely incredible (we didn't even need jackets!!), and we left holding hands and flashlights while the kids darted up the sidewalk to the next house. They both "got it", and dashed from house to house, knowing the faster they went, the faster they got the candy! Mikey wanted to hit the townhouses, realizing they were closer together, but we talked him out of crossing the bigger street. They took off at a trot, Molly with her Cinderella dress fanning out behind her, and Mikey with his flashlight to see where they were going. After 4 houses or so they slowed down, and after the dozen houses on our cul-de-sac, and another 6 or so down the side street, Molly was being carried, Mikey was carrying her ghost full of loot, and we were headed home. Mikey would have been happy to carry on down the next street, but Molly was pooped. We even trick-or-treated at a police car that came down our road. He was a younger policeman, and had candy for the kids. So, they kids said "trick-or-treat" and he had baggies of candy corn for them. However, they would't approach the car. I laughed and explained we have taught them NOT to take candy from strangers, especially in cars.... He then said "Oh, yeah... I didn't think of that... here, YOU give it to them..." We had already said to the kids how nice it was the policeman was out to make sure we were safe, so they knew he was alright, they just got shy.

I can't even explain the joy in my heart taking the kids around. It was like I have the whole American Dream. The husband I adore, and who adores me. Two kids that are happy and healthy. A house on a cul-de-sac where everyone knows everyone and everything about them. Perfect weather on top of everything. The excitement on the kids faces and the spring in their step (at least at the beginning!). Four jack-o-lanterns on the front steps all lit up and glowing.
Who wouldn't want to be ME!?!?

Well, take a look at this messy house, and I'll see some hands going up... hee hee

I leave you looking at the tree at the entrance to our park - 3 houses down, and 2 over. Beautiful, isn't it?