Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving Day

Today is it. The day they are loading the truck. All of our things will be on their way to Colorado Springs.

We have had a lot of fun living here in Happy Valley. We had a good time as undergraduates, and a different time as parents with two little kids. Different, but still wonderful.

Things we will especially miss, in no particular order:

11.Penn State athletics. Beaver Stadium, football games, tailgating with the Kellers and Co., basketball games, SBS, everything being blue and white. I felt like I truly belonged.

10. Going to listen to the old Phyrst Phamily, now called Family Brew. It's fantastic to go listen to a band who knows your name and will play requests, all while letting you sing along and play percussion instruments.

9. Walking down College Avenue on the rare sunny day looking in shop windows and letting the kids play on the pigs. Who knew bronze pigs could be so much fun?

8. Eating. Whether it's breakfast at The Corner Room or ice cream at the Creamery, stickies at The Diner or dinner on our neighbor's deck, we will miss it.

7. The trees. Ok, I know I complained every single fall about raking. I know I did. But when you look at the cul-de-sac and it feels like you live in the woods in the summer - well, it's just wonderful. I will miss all things green.

6. The college kids. As crazy as it sounds (because most locals HATE the kids) I will miss them. I will miss their excitement, their youth, and the general "age" of the town. After all, if THEY don't age - because they are all between 18 and 22 and move on to be replaced by a younger set - then I don't age either!!

5. My Bunko Group. They were the first group that I felt like I could just be myself with, and oh, how I looked forward to our monthly games. Have a glass of wine for me, girls.

4. Our church/my school. Talk about a welcoming bunch. True, it helped that I taught there and knew so many people and the ins and outs, but they really met us with open arms. I'm glad the kids had their First Communions there.

3. Our large back yard. Fenced, shaded, playset and sand box. Enough said.

2. Having everything within 15 minutes of driving time. You could be ANYWHERE in town in 15 minutes. Anywhere.

And finally.

1. Our friends. I have made some simply incredible friends here. Neighbors who turned out to be much more than neighbors, parents from school who turned out to be much more than just parents, and co-workers who turned out to be much more than co-workers. I'll miss brunch after church with Stephanie and Scott, inviting myself over to Mittie's or Sharon's, and walking the path next to next door to ask if our kids are over there, since they have their own bedroom and all....
And you can't replace friends. I can make new ones, and I can find my old ones in Colorado Springs, but I won't replace these. And I'll be back.

10 people tasted this cookie:

kristen said...

Sniff, sniff. I wish we were still back in Colorado:(

A.K. said...

good luck! we find out in one week where we go next- so i'm already starting to think of moving. oh, the air force life!

Gina said...

Good luck with your move Susie! Say Hi to the Springs for me.

Holliday Family said...

good luck Susie - you sure make great friends wherever you go, don't you? x

jean said...

boo hoo hoo. BOO HOO HOOO. It really makes me sad that you are leaving too. Just as I was getting to experience the Susie Solo sensation on a regular basis. We will all miss you very much!!!

Jodi said...

Man, Susie, what a great post. You've stirred up all of those bittersweet feeling that accompany moving for me. Hope you guys get settled back in the Springs quickly and get to visit PA soon!

Christina Barosko said...

Are you in CO.? How did the move go?

Anonymous said...

All right, I don't even living in PA and you have me teary eyed. I know that you touch many lives no matter where you and Chris land up. I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon...even if its only for a little while.

- Steph

mittiesnyder said...

sniff, sniff, sob, sob All the PA'ers will miss you too and anxiously wait your return!! See you in October!!

Janice said...

Hey Susie! Hope you have a safe trip/move to Colorado Springs. You're right about having good friends. You cannot replace them.

By the way, your kids are getting so big!!!!