Sunday, February 21, 2010

The View From The Top

Chris and I went skiing for the weekend with no kids. Hot Kimmy (HK) came over and watched the kids, dogs, and cat for the weekend and we were off to Keystone! We went partially to celebrate his promotion, and partially just to have some much wanted time to ourselves.

I have a confession to make. I never skiied in State College. They had a place called Tussey Mountain, but I refused to go. Everyone always said "oh, if you can ski with the conditions at Tussey, you can ski ANYWHERE", but I didn't want to PAY to ski a hill like Tussey. It would have been a disappointment. I'm not a great skiier, or even good, but I just couldn't do it. I knew we were moving back to Colorado and I wanted to wait for the Rockies again.

This is WHY I waited. This is the view from the top. It is about a 20 minute gondola ride up to the top, and at the speed I ski about a 30 minute run back down to the bottom. On a good day.

So, we went skiing. Chris is a much better skiier than I am so he'd go down a little bit, wait for me to catch up, go down a little bit more, and wait for me. After a few times of doing this I spotted a flat area right behind where he had stopped. I crouched down, held my poles back, and shouted "See ya later, Duuude!" I skiied by him down to the flat place, where I promptly crashed. Not just fell down, but crashed. So badly that I hurt my knee and couldn't get up for several minutes. He offered to go get someone to take me down on one of those stretchers, but I'd rather die than do that. I figured the snow was cold, like an ice pack, and I was fine. Sure enough, in a few minutes I was not only able to stand, but continued skiing the rest of the day.

The next day my knee was indeed pretty sore, so I opted to just take pictures while Chris skiied. I took a few and then rode the gondola back down. Coincidentally, Chris was skiing down as I was riding down, and I got some pictures of him in action.

Here is the view from the bottom. I was pretty proud of myself for getting down the mountain!

The bottom part that you can see here really isn't that long, it's just pretty steep for a beginner like me.

We've settled into a comfortable winter routine here in the Solo household. Brownies, Boy Scouts, piano lessons, waiting for soccer to begin is calm. We go to the gym and work out or swim, we play with friends, we invite people over to hang out, we just carry on.

I like our View From the Top.

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A.K. said...

so pretty! glad y'all got away for a weekend :)

Jonathan's Mommy said...

That looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW...I love that beautiful view on top!! You really enjoyed your weekend ..100%!!
I skied just one time 10years ago.
You are better than me, hahaha...
I hope your whole family can come over here in Korea.

Shana-Lynn said...

Wow. that looks beautiful!

Gina said...

Your ski pictures are making me drool! Mike didn't get to ski this year and he reminds me of that weekly, he is going through withdrawls. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!