Monday, May 21, 2007

Working hard!

There has been so much going on, and the weather is finally pretty, so I haven't been blogging much recently. Sorry! Chris built the kids a sand box, 6x8. He and Mikey painted it, and it was filled in that Sat. morning. What a fun project for them to do together! It has a lovely cover that fastens down, and the kids love it.

Chris sent me flowers at school. I thought it was for nothing, but that was too good to be true. LOL Pretty, aren't they??

I had this same giraffe when I was 2. Actually, I had two of them, because I parked it in the driveway like it was my car, and my mom backed over it. So, my mom bought me one several years ago. Here is Molly on it. What do you think, Mom?

This is Kapri's book, as a finished product.

This is the first page, and it says "Kapri is happy."

Kapri is sad.

Kapri is angry.

Kapri is sleepy. So, the books were short, but labor intensive for 3-4 year olds!!

My mom bought me a Cricut last week. For nothing. What a fantastic day to get a box in the mail for ME, and have it actually be for ME!! And, it was a surprise!! Yeah for Mommy. She knows me.

I leave you with this parting shot. Dollar pitcher night at The Gaff. It was fun.

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Anonymous said...

Love the sandbox! I thought it was going to be blue and white or was that the picnic table? I have to show Karina the picture of Molly. I think that Karina is going to wear out her current bathing suits before she outgrows them. Sorry Molly.


Megan said...

That looks like the perfect father/son project. They look like they had fun. I've been wondering where you were. Missed the photos...

Wendy said...

Awww. my sandbox looks nothing like it. Chris is quite the woodworker. The deck and now the sandbox. Love the flowers. Sorry that it cost ya! :) AND, the books, great job teacher!! I am sure the parents loved them as well. Lucky you on the cricuit, and the pitcher. Ha!! The giraffe is adorable. I could use me one of those for Elaina. She would love it!!

Laura said...

Blog more!! ;-)

Amy said...

Love that sandbox and what a big helper Mikey is!

And hopefully the cricut pulled you out of your funk -- I'm sure the dollar pitcher didn't hurt, either! ;-)

my4kids said...

the sandbox is awesome my kids would be jealous!
I have pics of me on the same giraffe! That is so cool you still have one!
Love the picture book.
Your mom is so awesome to have gotten you a cricut, I'm jealous now.

James said...

The Gaff. I'm so jealous. Beyond jealous. State College summers are the best.

Megan said...'ve got a lot going on! Love the books...since I'm permanently retired from teaching, I think I'll make one with Eleanor when she's bigger. Thanks for the great idea! Beautiful flowers too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you and your family are keeping busy! And having fun!

Great to see all the photos of the kids. Gina

liz said...

So, what WERE the flowers for? Was Chris naughty?

Janice said...

What a cool big sanbox! I wish my hubby was a Bob Vila like yours. I think Mikey is pretty crafty too helping his dad.

I love the books! They are so cute. Molly looks adorble on that giraffe.

And lastly, you can never go wrong with Dollar Pitcher Nights. Good times... ;-P

Spike said...

Mmmm ... dollar pitchers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susie! Molly looks adorable on the little giraffe! I think she is a mini you with blone hair. We'll be so happy to see you all!