Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few quick answers.

The studio is right near the Corner Room, and the windows face Hammond Building. Diagonally you can see the mall and the Loop stop.

The other artists. Lisa paints gourds, and Amy does flower arrangements. We also sell Dawn's fused-glass ornaments and Jeannie's bags. (sort of like tote bags, or purses, or school bags, or beach bags, or whatever...) Lisa, Amy and I are the only ones using the "work room" though. I'll put up pictures when we finish decorating shortly, I promise.

We are going to open for Arts Fest, so we are busy busy busy creating and cranking stuff out. Pricing is the trickiest part for me. Handcrafted cards. Hmmm. I could sell a lot for a dollar each, but the TIME I put into them. Two dollars might be too much, though. Although if I mail them to friends, I insure them for $4 each. ( Hey, I don't want to remake them!!) Any thoughts, opinions, etc. are all welcome.

Today is finally Michael's last day at school, and it's a half day, so I'm off to the bus stop. HELLO SUMMER!!

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kristen said...

You could compromise and sell them for $1.50 each. I would charge one price for the more simple ones and another for the more labor intensive ones. Just a thought.

Terra said...

I agree with Kristen about charging more for labor intensive ones. One price will not fit all, but I also don't think $2 is too much for a handcrafted card. Just think how much we shell out for machine-made Hallmark cards.
BTW, I'm having the same dilemma in pricing my cakes. If I charged per hour, they'd cost a mint!

Shana-Lynn said...

I was thinking maybe $1.75. I know home much work goes into handmade cards. I wish all lots of luck.