Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We did it!

We finally got it on the market. THIS is what we're trying to sell.

I don't think it shows everything off that we've done, but at least it's on the market. The best news? The realtor says that most houses are selling for 95-100% of asking price!!! I hope the housing market here doesn't fall flat on its face in the next couple of months.

Now, if I can just either :

a. ship my kids to my mom's so the house stays clean
b. check us all into a hotel.

We hope to move right after 4th of July weekend. So, I want it to sell, but not TOO quickly. See how demanding I am??

5 people tasted this cookie:

Ann Katherine said...

we'll keep our fingers crossed that the buyers stick between your timelines! :)

fogarty2 said...

Good luck Susie!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Nice house! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Gina said...

Hoping everything goes well for you all!

Shana-Lynn said...

I hope it sells for you rather quickly;)