Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something Blog-Worthy??

So. We went to a cookout last week. One of our friends was on his way to a high school reunion. After having a few drinks, we decided he could tell multiple stories to multiple friends, and see how long it took them to compare notes. Some suggestions:

1. He is recovering from colon cancer. He's still needing help changing his bag. Any offers?

2. He's discovered that he is in love with a man. The best part? His wife likes the same dude!

Our favorite?

3. He has invented reusable toilet paper. You simply wipe, store it in a trash receptacle, then wash and re-use! What?? You haven't HEARD of them?? They are called E-Z Wipes - you've surely seen the informercial on at 3 am, right?? No? Well, here, check it out on my phone, I'll pull it up for you. Oops, I can't get it up. Sorry...

So, we laughed, drank some more, came up with more stories (which I can't remember sober a week and a half later), and wished him luck at the reunion.

I came home, googled, and found this.

Dang, we thought we were ON TO SOMETHING!!

I guess we'll never be rich now.

And for the record, I'll be buying my Charmin, just like usual.

3 people tasted this cookie:

A.K. said...

good to have you back to blogging- its been way too long!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Love it! Bryan and I had drinks before my high school reunion and had some laughs about stories he could tell.

Nice to have you back! :)

Mittie said...

I'm cracking up just thinking about asking Steve to use those things!!