Friday, March 25, 2011


It's been so long I had to reset my password because I'd forgotten it. Mostly I came by just to look at my blog. I haven't seen it in a long time, and missed the pictures of the kids I had posted.

I don't even have anything to tell...what a boring life I have come to live.

Things the kids have said lately:

Michael - "I want to move my money to a retirement account. That way it will earn more interest and I won't be tempted to spend it." That boy is OBSESSED with money. He writes about it at school, he knows how much every receipt is in my purse. He scrounges in the house for money to be put into his account. He offers to combine birthdays parties with Molly "if it'll be cheaper". I assured him we could afford his own party if that's what he wants.

Molly, on the other hand, takes after her mama. If she wants something, then she wants it enough to warrant buying it. She doesn't care how much she has in her account. She doesn't bother to put her book down to scrounge for money in the house. She's content to just BE.

Oh, I DO have a story to remember for later. The kids and I and a friend of mine went to TJ Maxx. There were carpets on sale. I wanted one for the basement. Chris said fine, go ahead and buy it. Well, another lady wanted the same carpet. I pushed around for 15 mins or so, and found a salesman. He took the tag off, I went and waited in line. It turns out, it was the LAST carpet like that available in that store. But, I had waited, and that other lady didn't take the tag or buy it. So, I bought it. Well...she followed the guy carrying the carpet out to my car and stood there and SCREAMED at me in the parking lot. And screamed some more. Finally, I quietly said "Please, not in front of the children." However, she was not to be stopped until she was finished.
We finally got the carpet loaded, the salesman apologized for her behavior as she was walking away (it wasn't HIS fault!) and we left. Molly said "Mommy, what was that name that lady was calling you?" I replied "Don't worry about it honey. It was rude, and you won't hear it again."

After we got home and put the carpet in the basement and admired it, we came back upstairs. Molly said "Mama?" I said "Yes?" She said "You know that name that lady called you? " I answered "Uh huh." Molly replied "Well, I think SHE'S one..."
I had to turn around so she didn't see me laughing!

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Shana-Lynn said...

Awww...good one! Your kids are still so darn smart! Glad to see on blogging again if even just once or twice a year! Love your stories.

Vixbil said...

Welcome back and the TJ MAxx story so worth it!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Great story! Don't you just love people!?

Brandy said...

It was good to see you the other night and I'm glad to see you back on the blog.

Anonymous said...

You've just gotta love people like that (NOT!Well, pray for them, heh!) ...A grown woman, along with the millions just like her out there, that just flat refuse to take responsibility for their actions or inactions! Always blaming others instead of themselves. Ugh!

I can see my wife telling me this happened to her, heh. (Side story; she keeps every receipt (hey! The I before e except after c! ;) Even if it's just a pack of gum, then files them every year!)
Anyway, I would say 'man! I wish *I* had been there!!' and she would reply 'well I'm glad you weren't!'
'Why not? I'm hurt! I'm wounded!' (sad puppy face;)
'Riiiiiight. Because you would've made things worse, and then after you venting on her and ticking her off more, I'd have to listen to you go on about it all the way home!'
'Whaaat?? You're I imagining things, it wouldn't have happened like that!'
'Ok, whatever you say honey.'