Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The House is Disappearing

The kids and I made our first gingerbread house on Sat. afternoon while Chris was at school. OK, so maybe we didn't make it, but we did assemble it. The directions didn't call for a hot glue gun, but we used one! I hot glued it together (no waiting time before we could stick on those candies!!), and the kids went to town. Twenty minutes later, the candy was all on, the sprinkles were sprinkled, the gumdrops all dropped onto icing, and we were done! Well, I think as much candy made it into the kids' mouths as on the house, but we were proud. I'd take a picture, but it wasn't THAT

We proudly displayed the house in the living room on an end table. Over the past 3 days, more and more of it is missing! The kids know it is glued together, because we went to buy a new glue gun to make it. Therefore, they know not to eat that part. However, the candy stuck on the icing? Going, going, GONE! The house is a bit naked. I just turn a blind eye to the missing candy. After all, if you are going to fuss over a gingerbread house with kids, why bother making it?

Oh, and tonight I went to the cookie exchange (9 dozen), and I also got a tray of cookies from the parents at school today. I am on a total cookie sugar-high, trying to type. Some of them are so yummy I won't put them on the neighbor's tray - they are staying right here in the Solo household. Chocolate peanut butter truffles, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

If you'd just let them eat their Halloween candy, then they wouldn't have to resort to the gingerbread house.



liz said...

Yum, yum! On my 3rd-to-last day in the office, we are enjoying fudge and cookies made by a super nice lady who retired 6 months ago. You won't catch ME coming back here!
ps don't worry about calories OR ice cream - THAT's what you earn with all that raking!!
pps call in to Amy's this Thursday :)

Amy said...

Yum--the good thing about being so pregnant now is that I don't feel guilty enjoying the sweets of the season. Yeah, I want to be healthy for my baby, but finishing off the meal with a cookie or a dozen can't be too bad! My waist is 11" bigger than normal and if I can't indulge in some cookies now, there's no hope!

Hope to talk to you tonight!