Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Summer lovin', had me a blast....

Look at my big kids. Aged 5 and 4, but big kids now. Sure, it's only a little coaster, but they LOVED it!! They really are at such a fun age.

Things to think about in my life lately:

1. Football season is FUN!! Tailgating three weeks in a row takes a lot out of a girl, let me tell you! I know, I know, most of you have no pity at all. I'm lucky to be able to do it for this season and next...and I love having friends come to visit for game weekends. That's the sole reason for buying a house with the 4th bedroom.

2. School started. I think both classes will be really good this year. My MWF class is already pretty easy, and I have high hopes for my TR class. Even if not, I only see them twice a week! LOL

3. My friend had a son killed in Iraq this month. My heart aches for her as it hasn't in a long time. I really wish I could do something for her. She lives in CO, and lived near us in OH, too. Came to the wedding, had a son the same week I had Mikey (Dane was much older, from a previous marriage), and had another after I had Molly. Such a wonderful mom, such a wonderful family. He was such a good kid. You know, lots of people say "Oh, he's a good kid..." But Dane WAS a good kid. Sparkly eyes, good manners, could carry a decent conversation with adults on his own. Grew up right in front of me. Gone. What a terrible loss.

4. Fall is arriving. Leaves will have to be raked soon. Shit.

5. My book club had a reunion this past weekend in FL. Luckily, I didn't buy a ticket to go, because I was on the couch not feeling well for a lot of the weekend. Although I do miss them. You want to know what stinks? I wasn't feeling well, I didn't eat much for 3 days, and I don't think I lost a single pound!! I wish I had at LEAST lost some of my gut....

6. I have my first PTO meeting tonight as a PARENT. Boy, do I feel old.

7. Both kids have started soccer season. So, now we have soccer on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and twice on Sunday. When you have to be out of the house by 5:30, having dinner already eaten, the early bird specials at old people restaurants are looking pretty appealing...!

8. Mikey came home with "The Mystery Box" from kindergarten on Friday. He was so excited that he had all weekend to think of something for it. You have to choose an item, write 3 clues, and take it to school to see who can guess it. Whoever guesses correctly gets to take the box home! (Unless you've already had a turn, then you pick a stick with a kids name on it to see who gets it.)
His clues were:
- it is white
- it is light
- you take it camping

Answer: a marshmallow!

18 people tasted this cookie:

Megan said...

So sorry for your friend. It's a sad situation. I love that little riddle at the end. It sounds like school is going well.

Laura said...

SOOOO sorry to hear about the son of your friend - that's awful. The kids really do look big, don't they? I can't believe how much they've grown since I last saw them!! Glad school is getting off to a good start. (And, yes, we will be moving Evie's crib mattress down, but it's nothing to worry about yet since she can't sit up from lying down yet.)

A.K. said...

yay! your back!

I hear you on having our "extra grace required" class only two days a week- God was really looking out for both of us on that one! And it's thrusday- that means we only hvae them one more time this week!

sorry to hear about your friend... my heart goes out to them

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend and the loss of her son. I cannot even begin to fathom what she is going through right now.

I love the mystery box idea and the clues--how creative!

the108 said...

I'm so sorry about your friend... what a way to taint an otherwise perfect time of year :-(

Megan said...

Sounds like you are having a very busy fall, young lady! What a great time of the year!

So sorry to hear about your friend's son. Such a horrible thing.

erin said...

We missed you soooooo much at the beach, Susie. Next time, right?

You know what I love so much about your blog? It's SO you. It totally struck me as I was reading it today. I feel like I'm right there with you having a conversation about shitty leaves and such. Love you girl!

Neurotic Att'y said...

First of all, I am so very sorry to hear of the death of your friend's son. It is terribly tragic, and you and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers. Second of all, I hope you're feeling better, and I'm sorry you missed your reunion.

As for football season...HAIL THE PIGSKIN! I love it!!! And I love the marshmallow clues! I don't think I would've guessed it. I'm so glad your son is enjoying school!

Shana-Lynn said...

So very sorry about your friend's son. That is terribly sad.

The mystery box sounds so fun and exciting for the kids. I would have loved to do something like that with my kids. Maybe if I ever go back I'll keep this idea in mind.

ssclark01 said...

Um, no complaining about not LOSING weight since those of us who actually went to FL had some UGLY weight gain. It really sucked for those of us who had to weigh in at the doctor this week, too!

Jodi said...

Susie, the kids look like they are having a blast. :)

Been thinking about you a lot!

Amy said...

Lots going on now for you, Susie. Those kids sure do make it all worthwhile, though. Such cuties!

fogarty2 said...

You have been busy Susie! Make sure you take time for yourself.

txswordmaker said...

Hey Susie,

Just wanted to let you know that the service was very nice. The AF speakers (our boss and others) had great things to say. I was dissappointed in what little (and the content) that the green MG had to say. The chapel was completely filled...many many students and there was no special permissin given to be there...they had to work that out themselves. The saber team did a great job, too. I'm filling in for your friend right now and looking forward to her return...not looking good right now...retirement eligible and seriously considering it.

hope that's been enlightening yet cryptic enough.


supermommysquared said...

The mystery box sounds like fun. You will have to update us on how everyone did on the guesses :)

Denise said...

I guess we've all been gone lately! Well, then you are extra sweet because you leave me nice notes and here you're not even posting. Thank you! I do so enjoy reading them!!

I am sorry to hear of your friend's son. As a mommy, I can't imagine it. As an American, I realize it's people like that man who protect my freedom and I am truly humbled by the sacrifice.

Your other updates, as always, cracked me up! Don't you know it, football season is the best! Maybe my team won't be so crappy this year (Florida State). :)

Kristen said...

Hey Susie,

I didn't realize you knew her. I am so sorry to hear about it. What a sweet woman. I can't imagine.

PTO meetings? Oh my!

I love fall. I even love raking leaves. I love it. I'm weird.

liz said...

That sucks that you were sick - we missed you in FL!
I was totally stumped on Mikey's mystery box. I'm getting D with that riddle tonight :)