Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is Mikey and his friend.

I took it during a hayride at Halloween, and it was the first time I met her mom. Isn't she just the cutest thing??

The highlight of my week? The packages I got in the mail today.

One was my new Keurig Platinum B70 coffee/tea maker. It's my Christmas present from Chris. He THOUGHT it was coming in a plain box, but NO, it was labeled on all sides for me to see! Talk about excited!!

And the other? Kristen, my Godson's mom who still lives up the street from us in Colorado Springs sent a box. The contents? A new picture of Colin, the Godson. The kids' Christmas presents, a dress and tights that Karina outgrew for Molly, and the best thing ever. My favorite cookies. Snickerdoodles. That she made. And packed up so they wouldn't break. And shipped them across country. Some friends you just love so much you can't describe it. Thanks, Kristen. I hope I'm 1/2 of such a good friend to you!!

10 people tasted this cookie:

Megan said...

They are both very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Love you too!

A.K. said...

i love christmas presents like that that you find out a little early!

is this the girl that came over to play the other day?!

Shana-Lynn said...

Whoo Hoo snicker doodles!! Love them, are they hard to make Kristen?

That little girl is so cute. Love her smile. Looks like they could be great friends.

Neurotic Att'y said...

What a great day! And Mikey's little friend is super cute. She will make a lovely daughter-in-law some day! ;)

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Nothing better than getting packages in the mail, especially surprise ones!

Anonymous said...

They're not too hard to make (even with my 5 year old's help).

Wendy said...

Niiiice. Snickerdoodles are delicious. I USED to make them. Recovering from a birthday prty today.... very very tired.

Kristen said...

Cute new look.

I can't believe it, Kristen also has a son named Colin? That's freaky coincidental!

Amy said...

Another new template?! You have been busy (or has it been Wendy?)! Very nice. And I love this time of year. . . anticipating packages and then seeing them on your doorstep is one of my favorite things!