Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"God bless Snowy, ...."

Mikey and Molly love playing in the snow. Especially when they are playing with Daddy. This was the fruit of their efforts. Snowy. Now, Snowy was a little bit fragile. For example, he was often leaning over in the direction the wind blew. He hat was often on the ground. And his licorice mouth was often squirrel food in the grass. However, the children loved him. they repeatedly fixed him. And every night, he is to this day, included in their night time prayers. Oh, he's not just included! He is usually FIRST on the prayer list. Before the immediate family, friends, teachers, and anyone else they can list to stay awake.

He did melt, and has not been resurrected as of yet. God bless you, Snowy.

Here is a quick picture of the kids in the pool at their swim lesson. We are fortunate we can have our kids learn "life skills" beginning at early ages. The next one? Driving a 5 speed car. Mark, I will teach you that one day. Just tell me when you think you are ready!

My dear friend Karla came out to visit for a long weekend. It was her first trip away from her girls! It was lovely to eat, talk, walk, shop, talk, eat, and talk with her face to face. You know how you have friends that you just immediately clicked with, and you know they will always understand you. (And if not, they will at least PRETEND to?) That's Karla. A friend 'til the end. God bless you, Karla.

4 people tasted this cookie:

Megan said...

I LOVE your new page! It looks great!

And your kids are so precious with their beloved Snowy. What a great moment to remember!!

liz said...

Cute new page, Susie :)

Mark, can't drive stick, huh? Aahh, what a shame. How's work?Susie, don't you love how I chat with others THROUGH your page?

Bryon and Laura said...

Hey - great change to the page! It's good to see Molly now likes the snow. I remember last year she wanted to be held anytime there was snow outside. Maybe I need to ask Wendy to snaz up my page a little!

Wendy said...

Love Snowy. It has to be one of the sweetest things ever. I love how little kids are so indiscriminate with their love. WOW, what a big word I used. Just kidding. Hope snowy stays long enough for them....Snowy heaven is just around the corner.