Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things to Talk About

I haven't posted a blog for awhile because I don't have anything to say. Yup, me....with nothing to say. Let me sit and ponder.

- A family in town had the dad die this week of stomach cancer. Had 3 boys under the age of 10. What a terrible tragedy - made me appreciate family and time together all the more.

- My friend, Karla, comes to visit me this weekend from Colorado Springs. I am more than a little excited! I even took time off work while she is here, just to play!

- Chris has decided to make chair rails and new base boards for the house. After he gets the painting done. When in the world will he get this PhD?

- Our cadet, Mitchie, has a date for the Ring Dance. We are so proud and excited for him!

I'll take some pictures of swimming tonight so I have something to show on the next post. I hope I can get the shutter speed to work for me!

Does anyone have any ideas for next time I hit a "posting slump"?

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Wendy said...

New News. Sounds like Mitch will have a good time. Boy do I remember ring dance like it was yesterday. When is it? Isn't it in May? So my next blog slump, (I guess I haven't had one- I am good about talking about nothng) is a list of things I wanna do before I die. Not a morbid thing- you know, just a few dreams or aspirations I have for my life. I am not gonna tell you what they are because I am going to post them soon. So just an idea. Call me- your number fell off my caller ID.

A.K. said...

ring dance is one of my favorite memories! i actually decided to take the plunge and start my blog during that weekend last year for Scott's ring dance!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the slumpage. We have that same dilemma every weekend. Let me know if you come up with any good solutions.

Amy said...

Flashback Friday -- My friend J.J. ( does this once in a while. She posts pictures from that same date, just years in the past. Everything from when she was a little girl to even just 1 year earlier. It's kind of fun and a good slumpage buster. . .