Monday, February 12, 2007

More things they say. As requested.

We were watching the Super Bowl. Molly came out and asked "Who's winning? Indy-apples?"

Our heat went out downstairs last week, during the COLDEST week of the winter so far. The pipes under the house had frozen. Well, the heat/plumber/fix-it guy was here to fix it. Molly is sitting on the steps watching, and says "Dad, is this OUR house?" We've only lived here for 6 months - where does she THINK she has been living?? C'mon good sorority bid!!

Mikey's drink of choice lately - Tank. You know, the orange powder you mix with water, the astronauts drink. I laugh every time he asks for it.

Speaking of astronauts, I feel really sorry for that chick that cracked last week. You know she had to have her act together to do what she does. It just goes to show, your life can change in an instant. And the chick she attacked in the parking lot? A PSU Det. 720 grad from 2002. Small world. Oh, and her? Her life will never be the same, and all she did was date some space shuttle pilot, which she probably thought was pretty darn cool. Personally, I think he is way too old for her....

The other night, Chris was pushing Molly's bed back into place after he dug out a stuffed animal mashed against the wall. Molly was already in bed, and after he pushed it she chirped "Thanks for the ride, DUDE...!" She's a funny one.

My friend Laura had her baby on the 9th, just as she had dreamed she would. A few weeks early, but not very. She was healthy, and a whopping 5 pounds, .7ounces. She has to wear preemie diapers!!
Congratulations to Laura and Bryon on a wonderful baby Evelyn! I can't wait to come to Colorado Springs to meet her!

I've been tagged by Erin to do 6 Weird Things About Me, and 6 Things That Make Me Happy.
That will be the next post. Promise.

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Colleen from Alabama said...

Susie, Looks like you guys are about to get some not so fun weather up there, it's just rain here but a TON of it. Hope he fixed the heat well. Stay safe and have fun in the snow...

erin said...

Man, you just made my day! I still say this should be a weekly occurence. How about "Weird on Wednesday"??

Anonymous said...

Those two kiddos of yours sure do say some hilarious things. Gotta write them all done so you can tell them all about it when they are grown. Hope all is well, Gina

Bryon and Laura said...

Thanks, Suze! I promise to try finishing a new blog soon. I've been working on it for almost two weeks and it just keeps getting longer and not done. Maybe I can get it done tonight when Bryon gets home from work so he can watch the baby for a while. (Of course I'm sure she'll want my boob all too soon and I'll get interrupted again.) Oh the life of a new mommy!!