Saturday, February 17, 2007

Six Things That Make Me Happy

1. A freshly painted room. Thanks, Chris.

2. Mail from friends. Real mail.

3. Cheesesteaks from CC Peppers. Coast-to-coast, no onions

4. Stamping at my craft table

5. Unlimited long distance

6. Blueberry pancakes

Notice I didn't mention the kids - I did that LAST time. I don't want them all to be the same. Besides, they are a given. They are my kids.

Six Weird Things About Me

1. If I am tired, hungry, or cold, I get GRUMPY.

2. My sense of humor is weird, according to Chris.

3. I have to have both shoulders covered when I go to sleep, and I sleep on my stomach.

4. I have arctic feet. Ice cubes. Really.

5. As mentioned before, I have to wear rubber gloves to do dishes or clean. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I only shower, not bathe. If I am to clean ANYTHING, hand over those gloves.

6. I collect cookbooks. Do I use them? Rarely. But I read them like a novel. I don't even really LIKE to cook. But I LOVE cookbooks.

OK, I'm tagging Wendy, Laura, and Keeko. If I could figure out how to link them, I would. Erin tried to explain it, but I can't find a little chain anywhere...???
Also, I'll work on putting people's blogs on the sidebar of mine. Anyone want theirs posted on mine?

2 people tasted this cookie:

A.K. said...

i hear ya on the grumpy when hungry!!!

Wendy said...

Okay the cookbook thing is hillarious. I never knew that about you. I love you anyways. I have linked you on my blog, so I SUPPOSE you may link me to. I just changed permissions. Have you had any issues? Call me- talk soon!!