Wednesday, April 11, 2007

(I had to learn to edit to update my food list!)

Catching Up

Since the last post, we woke up to overe 2 inches of snow on Easter morning (pretty, but unexpected), and have had crummy weather in general. I want spring to be here!!

I was tagged about 3 weeks ago by Wendy on her ChaoticKiddos site, so I thought I'd catch up on that one.

Things You Probably Never Knew About Me (as if you'd care)

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life

1. Assistant Manager of a Mexican food restaurant

2. Camp Counselor

3. Teacher - ok, so you knew that one

4. Red Lobster Hostess

5. checker-outer in the grocery store

(I KNOW that was 5, but it was ALL of my jobs!)

Four Movies I'd Watch Over and Over

1. Pretty Woman

2.Something about Mary

3. Cocktail

4. Dirty Dancing

Four Places I Have Lived

1. England

2. VA

3. OH

4. CO

Favorite Bands and Singers

1. James Taylor

2. Jimmy Buffet

3. George Strait

4. Um....Laurie Berkner???

Four Loves of My Life

1. My family, of course

2. My friends (I don't think they realize how important they are to me)

3. Reading

4.College Football

Four Most Memorable Moments

1. Our 4 day long wedding festivities

2. The kids arrivals

3. Having Heather meet my kids (FINALLY) in October

4. Catching tadpoles with my brother in our creek, just to have our dog drink every last one of them from our bucket!

Seven of My Favorite Foods

1. edamame

2. anything Mexican

3. Thai coconut soup

4. oatmeal

5. avocado egg rolls at The Cheesecake Factory

6. coast-to-coast cheesesteaks from CC Peppers, no onions

7. Creamery ice cream (big surprise, huh?)

Four Places I'd Rather Be

Well, since we move so much, I am a firm believer of "be happy where you are", but if I could VISIT somewhere...

1. Eating out in San Francisco

2. In Europe with Chris

3. Skiing out in CO

4. At the beach with the whole family

I'm tagging Laura, and Amy. Unless you've already done it. Then, I'll do what I do with emails that say "Forward this!", and just forget about it. I'm fine, no one I know has died because I didn't forward the email, and we haven't declared bankruptcy because I didn't forward the email.
We'll declare bankruptcy because of my trips to Gymboree! LOL

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Denise said...

College football - me too! In fact, our coaches go head to head every year for the winniest coach in all of college football. That's right - good ol' FSU. No worries, we're not good anymore and I'm a bit jaded and beat down. :)

Wendy said...

About time lady.... just kidding. I got another I have to do too! It has been a few days since she tagges me. I am feeling under the weather and not up to much but sleep right now.

Janice said...

Laurie Berkner is cool!!!! My kids love listening to her!

I am hoping for warmer weather over here in Ohio, but I think it'll pretty much be in the 40's-50's. Such a bummer.

A.K. said...

I'm with ya on the first 3 of your four favorite bands or singers! How cool you got to live in England!

Assistant Manager of a Mexican restaurant?! i would hvae never guessed! i think i would be tempted to just eat the chips the whole time!

Wendy said...

So, Thanks for doing this. We are supposed to get 18" of snow tonight and tomorrow. I had to cancel my photo shoot with Erin and cannot tell you how EXTREMELY bummed I am about it. :( Also, Read my comment on A.K.'s blog. I am gonna sew those!! One more thing while I am at it. I hate those darn letters I have to type in, I never get them typed in write because I can't read them all squiggly and stuff, and end up having to do it over like 10 times. (Not really, but usually 3)

Anonymous said...

What is Chris in Europe for? Research? Hope he isn't gone too long. Enjoy the snow while it last it will be gone very soon!


Megan said...

I love the creamery ice cream too. I miss it.

Susie PSU said...

Chris isn't IN Europe - I want to go there WITH silly goose! You must be pregnant, huh - that happens to our brains when we are! :-)

Amy said...

Thanks for the fun list. I promise to try to post my own answers soon!