Wednesday, April 25, 2007

For those of you who are VT fans, check out this link. You have to go through several pictures from the Blue/White game, but look for the guys with painted chests, and then their backs. Most impressive!

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A.K. said...

everytime i look at this i fall more and more in love with penn state! you guys are amazing!!! thanks for all the support!

Wendy said...

pretty cool. that would take forever. And I think I would get a rash. God love those guys!.

my4kids said...

Thats cool they did that!
Do you want me to send questions email or on your blog? If email I would need your address. If you want to keep that private from others and put it in my comments box and I will delete it like I did with Wendy or you can send me an email. I have the link in my profile. It will take me a couple days maybe as I have to read back a bit to form my questions. I like to make at least some of my questions specific to the person answering them