Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And we have begun...

Mikey has started soccer. He has had practices twice a week for two weeks now, and loves it. Poor thing inherited my grace, so he spends a lot of time tripping over the ball, but he is happy. I was hoping to make some new friends with the other moms, but most already knew each other and hold their own conversations, while the questions I try to ask about their interests receive very short answers. Oh well. Hey, I have a son to cheer for! He is getting to be more aggressive about getting the ball, and is starting to remember to not use his hands. Molly is content to sit on the sidelines with me, or kick a soccer ball around with Chris, and wait for the team snack to be handed out. We all agreed to bring for siblings, too, so no one has hurt feelings.
Sorry the blog was so long coming out - we have had internet problems for the past week and a half or so. I have so much to tell and share about our latest adventures here at PSU! If I can get online tomorrow night, I'll fill you in.

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erin said...

I've missed your posts!!

Mikey looks SO determined to kick that ball. Man, he's cute!

Keep your head up about making friends...those soccer moms will be begging you to be their friend once they get to know you and your bubbly personality!

Miss you, friend. Call in Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Mikey is in good company. Karina isn't the most coordinated thing either (hmm, I wonder where she gets it from). Looks like he's blast regardless.


shinyoung said...

Mikey looks very active...
Maybe he will be the future "David Beccom" ...?!
Do you know him?