Monday, September 25, 2006

Bugs Bite

On Saturday we went up to campus to an exhibit called "Bugs Bite' put on by the Entomology Department. Yes, I had to look up the spelling. Anyway, it was pretty neat. There were Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches, which were creepy, and all sorts of bugs there. A lot were mounted, some were alive, some you could hold, and some you could EAT. The insect deli was pretty crowded. We all said we weren't
The kids each made a Bumblebee hat, which is cute, and received stickers, tattoos, etc. as we walked around. Oh, we did watch a cockroach race. Four were competing, and it was pretty cool, too.

Then, we went to Fun Unleashed. A little bit like a Chuck E. Cheese, but it costs $9 just to get in the door to play. The kids loved it, and we stayed about an hour and a half. Let me tell you why I probably won't go back for awhile. I took Molly to the bathroom. The first one was busy, the second was full of poop and toilet paper, and the third had no toilet paper. I swiped some from the bathroom that was clogged, and let Molly have her turn. We then went to wash hands, as you do, and there was no soap! I told the lady at the front desk the bathroom needed toilet paper, soap, and a plunger. She thanked me, and went about running the register. Ten minutes later, I told another worker. She thanked me, and continued strolling the place. When we finally left, not one employee had even gone to check on the bathroom! So, I'm in no hurry to go back. Yuck.

Oh, I ordered our new carpet today!!! Hooray! They will call me when it comes in to arrange an installation time. I can't wait.

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Amy said...

No pictures of the cockroaches? How about at least the kids with their hats?! I'm quite content without pictures from Chuck E. Cheese--yuk!

Susie PSU said...

Crummy camera. I'm waiting for a new one for my birthday. I'll post a picture soon, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I decided I better post a comment so you blog some more. Good talking to you at book club the other night! Gina