Sunday, September 03, 2006

We ARE.... Penn State!!!

We went to our first game since we had kids yesterday, and had a fantastic time. We bought tickets, they got traded, and we got the best seats we could have dreamed of. We were on the 27 in the FRONT ROW. We no longer cared that it took us 45 minutes to drive a mile and half, we no longer cared that we were paying a sitter, we no longer cared that it was raining, and we no longer cared that we were pretty much drenched even with the rain ponchos. WE WERE AT THE GAME!! And look at our view!! For the record, next time - we're walking to the stadium. We can take the bike path that comes out at JoePa's house, and be there in less time than it took us to drive. Let's go Lions!!

We did meet an interesting couple. While we were waiting in that traffic, we got cut off by a car that decided they didn't need to wait in the line. Chris gave them a short honk, but let them in. They stopped, got out of their car, and said they live a few blocks from the stadium and have an extra parking spot - they are so sorry they cut us off, would we like to park at their house?? So, we followed them and parked there, and drank a beer with them. They offered their bathroom, but we didn't need it. However, I went inside just to get out of the rain. They had gone in, I thought to go to the bathroom. When I walked in, their entire house smelled like one big doobie. I almost got a bad case of the munchies just standing in the kitchen! So, as we walked to the game I talked to the girl, who could barely keep her eyes open and focused. I wonder how long they made it at the game.... Chris laughed and said they probably ate their way out of the stadium and went home to nap. You meet all types here in Happy Valley. They sure were happy!

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Amy said...

Sorry I've been slacking on my comments ;ately (but I do check in on you guys!). . . We were watching the game and I was thinking of you guys--I should have watched closer, sounds like we might have even seen you on camera you were so close to the action! We miss you here, but it sounds like you're settling in to your new home and having lots of fun!