Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pickwick Picnic

This past weekend was our annual Pickwick Picnic. The entire street of Pickwick Avenue gets together, brings a dish, hangs out, and cranks the ice cream. So, here we all are and you can see how crowded we are!! It is a short street that has a lovely cul-de-sac, and everyone is so friendly. In all of our moves, no one has ever come over and knocked on the door to say"Welcome to the neighborhood..." until we moved here. I had people coming to visit for weeks with hot muffins, fresh vegetables from their gardens (knowing we don't have one since we just moved!), and even a phone number of a dentist they recommend!! Chris found us such a great place. Yeah, it's not our retirement home by any means, but the neighborhood is the best one yet. I wonder if we could buy the last lot left and build our retirement house there??

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erin said...

I'm SO thrilled for you that you've found such an awesome neighborhood. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you!

Jodi said...

You sound so happy and that makes me happy for you guys. Good neighbors are the best.

Karla said...

Wow, Sus... you're getting awfully good at this blogging business! FANCY. I'm so glad you're getting a "home" there and not just a house. We sure miss you guys out here!

Anonymous said...

We want an update!