Wednesday, November 08, 2006

They are lucky to be alive.

We went to Wal-Mart today. Nothing strange there. We had a list of things to buy for the Operation Christmas Child boxes. Nothing strange there. We pushed, shopped, and bought a few extra things (NOT on the list) for the boxes. Again, nothing strange there. Then, we went to the check-out. Here I am, feeling all warm inside buying gifts for kids with less. Lots less. I let the kids get some extra things for the little kids. I'm smiling, holding my head high, teaching my children a life lesson, right? (Picture a smug Susie here...)
So, we are checking out, and I hear two little ANGELS saying to the lady in the next line "Stupid lady!" I think to myself "that CAN'T be MY two kids.....CAN IT??" So, I look up from talking to the cashier about the weather, and there they are, popping their heads up and down, looking at the lady in the next line, taking turns (at least they were taking turns) saying "Stupid lady! Stupid lady!" OK, something strange there.
I made them get OUT of the card, march their butts over the the lady, and apologize. I was absolutely mortified, to put it lightly. I stayed calm until they were in the car, buckled in, and ready to drive the 100 yards to Sam's. Then, I blew. Picture one pissed mommy and two crying kids in the Blazer. Not a pretty sight.
I stopped, drove to Sam's, and threatened them within an inch of their life. Shopping in Sam's was pretty peaceful, since they were forbidden to SPEAK! Needless to say, they got no ice cream cone at Sam's today. As the lady they apologized to said as she looked at me "It gets easier, it really does...." I was so flustered, I accidently left my bags and had to walk the 10 feet back to get them. Sometimes, I wish I could take home the groceries and leave the KIDS.
It does get easier, the difficulties are just different. There are always challenges to parenting. I just pray I can face them and teach the children along the way.

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A.K. said...

hang in there... know that kids can be kids and it wasn't anything YOU did!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Now thats its over you can LAUGH about it. I am sure they were meaning it in the nicest way possible. :) Thanks for talking with me tonight. I really needed it, and enjoyed it! Love ya! Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least they were getting along with EACH OTHER!

Anonymous said...

I bet they were in bed early last night!!