Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick Quip

Tonight Mikey was trying to get me to give him some dessert before he finished his dinner. Here were his best tries:

"Mommy, if you give me a fruit snack RIGHT NOW, then I will let you stay up LATE. PAST your bedtime!!"

Then, I got on the phone and in the background he starts singing "If you give me a fruitsnack, I will let you play with my toys in the morning, if it isn't a school day..."

Have I mentioned lately how much I love that kid??

And no, I didn't give him a fruit snack. But Chris laughed so hard he did. Usurped again.

3 people tasted this cookie:

shinyoung said...

Mikey can speak English better than me, haha.
A matter of course.
So cute.

A.K. said...

looks like you have a little schmoozer on your hands already! if he's pulling that on you already wait till he gets to be a teenager!! how cute!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute Susie! They are just too adorable aren't they. Great Halloween costumes! Hope the kids had fun. Nick asks every night if he gets to go trick or treating again.... Gina