Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kids Stuff

In the above picture they were at a Halloween party that we went to - and Mikey wanted to be Prince Charming. I managed it with some curtain tassles and some tie-back cord from Wal-Mart, with a few safety pins. The cord went like a Miss America sash, and the tassles around his shoulders. Hey, it was cheezy, but he was happy, everyone knew who he was, and it was cheap and easy!

I was thinking of things the kids say that make me laugh...

Molly wants cornflakes, but asks for snowflakes.
She likes to play frisbee, but says quizbee.

Oh, and their favorite song for this week? "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" They belt it out when it comes on their CD in the car! Very cute.

Molly is the biggest girly-girl. Is she even my daughter?? Every day, she wants to wear a dress with tights. Sock tights. NO jeans, and if I am lucky, she'll wear some leggings and a fleecy shirt. So, if any of you see any sales on dresses with matching tights, let me know where to look! She's almost up to a size 4 now. Long legs, tiny body.

The two kids are at the front window watching the leaf sucker. Twice a week the machine comes by to suck up any raked leaves and take them away. The kids like to watch the thing come around, but miss the leaves they can play in. We have to tarp our leaves out of the back yard still, so there will be PLENTY of leaves once we do that. You can't even see the back yard due to the depths of leaves.

Mitchell, our cadet from USAFA that we sponsor, flew in for the weekend for a visit. I'll post some pictures if he and Chris ever get up today. :-) I think the bars must have been a good time last night, and Chris forgets that he's not still 21.

Sitting here watching the kids play, I remember how much work it was when Molly was born. Mikey hadn't even been walking for a month, and didn't speak for SO long. He was a fat little thing, and she was in that bucket carrier forever, so I was trying to carry both of them if I was in a hurry...and getting up to feed Molly, and Chris was in AFIT...and now they are so much fun. They play all of the time, sometimes for hours without interruption, and especially since we moved, have become the best of friends. They aren't really concerned that they don't play with that many other people - they have each other. I don't really remember much of Molly's first year, but am thankful that I have them both so close together now. They really are my pride and joy. I just hope I don't spoil them rotten.

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erin said...

Susie, you're my hero. Enough said.

A.K. said...

are you from the blacksburg area?!

Anonymous said...

Susie, you give me hope that having two close together is not all bad.

Bryon and Laura said...

Molly sounds like me when I was a kid. I LOVED wearing dresses and being girly, but my mom is completely opposite. Even to this day, it's shocking to see her wear any makeup, have her hair done or dress in anything but jeans and a t-shirt. I'm such a mix of tomboy and girly-girl that I wonder what my little Evie is going to be like!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable... love the pics. Two kids close together.... why the heck were you thinking?!? Ha! Ha! Julia got a "naughty note" sent home from the teacher yesterday for disruppting the class and not follwoing directions, and Connor is upstairs screaming in his time out beacuse he pushed Elaina. WOW! Wanna trade? Sounds like you have angels compared to mine. Love ya! Wendy

James said...


I met you up in PSU about 4 years ago. Solo(chris) was a year ahead of me and used to pull a chair up to inspect me during pledge practice. How far apart are your kids now? My wife and I have a 20 month old and are due with #2 in may. I thought one was rough, I still don't understand what to do with the oldest while trying to care for a baby.