Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Last night was one of the best moments of my life that I can remember. It ranked right up there with taking the kids to their first PSU game...we went trick-or-treating. It was a quiet night, the weather was absolutely incredible (we didn't even need jackets!!), and we left holding hands and flashlights while the kids darted up the sidewalk to the next house. They both "got it", and dashed from house to house, knowing the faster they went, the faster they got the candy! Mikey wanted to hit the townhouses, realizing they were closer together, but we talked him out of crossing the bigger street. They took off at a trot, Molly with her Cinderella dress fanning out behind her, and Mikey with his flashlight to see where they were going. After 4 houses or so they slowed down, and after the dozen houses on our cul-de-sac, and another 6 or so down the side street, Molly was being carried, Mikey was carrying her ghost full of loot, and we were headed home. Mikey would have been happy to carry on down the next street, but Molly was pooped. We even trick-or-treated at a police car that came down our road. He was a younger policeman, and had candy for the kids. So, they kids said "trick-or-treat" and he had baggies of candy corn for them. However, they would't approach the car. I laughed and explained we have taught them NOT to take candy from strangers, especially in cars.... He then said "Oh, yeah... I didn't think of that... here, YOU give it to them..." We had already said to the kids how nice it was the policeman was out to make sure we were safe, so they knew he was alright, they just got shy.

I can't even explain the joy in my heart taking the kids around. It was like I have the whole American Dream. The husband I adore, and who adores me. Two kids that are happy and healthy. A house on a cul-de-sac where everyone knows everyone and everything about them. Perfect weather on top of everything. The excitement on the kids faces and the spring in their step (at least at the beginning!). Four jack-o-lanterns on the front steps all lit up and glowing.
Who wouldn't want to be ME!?!?

Well, take a look at this messy house, and I'll see some hands going up... hee hee

I leave you looking at the tree at the entrance to our park - 3 houses down, and 2 over. Beautiful, isn't it?

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erin said...


shinyoung said...

You have a beautiful family.
I know God bless you.

Bryon and Laura said...

Certainly sounds like the life of someone in a book! I look forward to having our family complete, then we can have these great moments like you have! BTW - we're getting a 4D ultrasound Nov. 7th to confirm it's a girl. I'll send pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Me - cause I wouldn't want to have to live through AFIT again!


liz said...

Sniff - life is GREAT, isn't it? It sounds like your halloween WAS a dream and I really love the red, leafy moment of Zen you left us with. I'm so jealous of your foliage!