Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our week at the Solo's...

Today Mikey learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels. I was so proud. And so sad. Chris was great - running behind him, his arms outstretched in case his son wobbled. I sat on the porch, watching with tears in my eyes. He's getting to be such a big boy.

I had my annual exam to refill my Pill prescription yesterday. You know how they ask you a million questions before the Pap smear? So, I'm answering these questions as fast as they fire them at me. Finally they get to "Are you sexually active?" I want to say "Why else would I be here - I need to get my refill!" Instead, I keep a straight face, and say "Yeah....unless I'm exhausted...then I just lie there..." She looked at me, not quite knowing WHAT to say until I winked at her. Then she cracked up and said "I think we all do that sometimes!" I wonder how long it took her to tell the others out in the office what I had said. Hey, at least I made her laugh!

Molly got a gift card from Uncle Mark for her birthday. She called him to tell him thanks, and her conversation went like this:
"Hi Uncle Mark. Thanks for the gift card. How much money is on it??"
I laughed and took the phone away from her. Mark said "She is a true Jennings". Hey, at least she takes after ME! ha ha

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Kristen said...

You're funny. Girl, you didn't even have to make it out the door before she was telling everybody. From what I hear, the doctor's office people love them a good story!

my4kids said...

hmm uh yeah those stories do make it around the clinics even with privacy laws we just don't say the name of who said it but it does get told. Although I'd have to say there are plenty who probably agree with the statement....That poor dr at first though...not knowing what to say!
We didn't actually "teach" any of our kids to ride bikes. They wouldn't let us they pretty much decided they were ready and figured it out on their own, didn't want us to help at all. I would have if they let me...

A.K. said...

congrats on the no training wheels- so bittersweet though!


Wendy said...

Only you would say that susie. Even Julia is not riding without training wheels. I have never really tried I guess. We live on a hill, and it freaks her out a little. Oh well. It doesn't matter much to me!!