Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation, Part I

Well, we are on vacation, so there has been no post for awhile. Sorry about that!

We started off going to Philly to see Tracy and Frumper, our neighbors from Wright-Patt. Well, we tell THEM we went to see them - we really went to see their new son, Andrew. Check out this cutie.

Then, we headed to Baltimore to the National Aquarium. It was a lot of fun, if you don't count the unexpected run-in with an ex-husband. I had to laugh - I haven't seen him or heard from him in 10 years, and there we met at the top of the escalator. I had not a thing to say to him, so I just let him on first, and watched him run down the left side as fast as he could go. No loss. We took the kids to the dolphin show, which was excellent! They really enjoyed it.

Now, after this the quality of picture was not the greatest. I think I messed up a setting on the camera, so bear with me. We left the aquarium and went to Teresa's house, where we had a DELICIOUS lasagne. She was my roommate in college, and she never cooked for me then! It was yummy. And, as usual, her boys were a lot of fun. They are coming to visit us in the middle of July. How many teenage boys would hug a little girl?

Then, we made a quick run over to another friend's house from college. Gina moved to town the day before (picture a house full of boxes) and we wanted to welcome her before she left for her old job again. What is her new job, you might ask? Go ahead, ask! She is the Air Force Aide to the President. Yup, I typed that right. She has had a wonderful career so far, and this is a great move - not only did she get a great job, she is close to her family! Way to go, Gina.

Then, we got back in the car, and went to Fairfax, VA for lunch. I met someone that Chris used to work with before we got married, so that was fun. It was California Pizza Kitchen, one of my new favorite restaurants.

Back in the car for the drive to Richmond, VA. It only took us 4 hours to make a drive that should have been less than 1/2 that, but you can never count on good traffic. We spent the weekend with my roommate, Heather, from before Chris and I got married. It was great to see her and her family again. I'm taking advantage of living within driving distance before we head back out to Colorado Springs! They took us to the pool for the afternoon, so here are some pictures of that.

The highlight of the day was Mikey learning to hold his breath to dive for a penny. We were so proud!

We left Richmond, and went to Langley AFB to meet up with a friend of Chris and his wife. We hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving weekend, so it was good to catch up. He is getting out of the AF and they are moving to Houston to have a baby and live near family. They are so excited!

Then, we got back in the car and got a hotel on the beach for the night. It was called The Cape Henry Inn. There is a fantastic new playground for the kids that was so new, it isn't even on the internet. The kids LOVED the beach!!

The next morning, guess what we did after we played on the beach? Got back in the car, of course, and headed to good ol' Florence, SC. Why, you may ask? God only knows. No, my parents are living here, and they haven't seen the kids in ages. So, here we are. Tomorrow, we head to Myrtle Beach for the night, and I'll post more pictures after that part of the trip...

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Laura said...

Great pictures! When are you coming here for a visit????

Janice said...

Gosh, you guys ARE busy! Everyone's going to some sort of beach, I am so jealous! Glad to hear what you've been up to!!

Kristen said...

Holy guacamole! Your life is exciting.

Did you talk to the ex? I didn't get that from the post. That is kind weird. What are the chances?

Good pics.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a crazy fun vacation. Hope you are finding time to relax with all the fun! Molly looks so big in that yellow dress, she has gotten a lot taller. Gina

Christina Barosko said...

Glad to see and hear you are having a great time on your trip. WOW, you were in Fairfax, VA; we live in Bristow, VA. It is only about 30 min from Fairfax. We could have met for lunch or dinner somewhere. Here is our phone number: (703) 753-8591

- Christina, Steve & Trevor Barosko

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. The kids are going to love the beach!!
p.s. Baby Andrew is so cute! Almost makes me want another - not quite though.

A.K. said...

oh you are making me jealous! you were in Maryland (our new home in less than 2 1/2 weeks) and both Scott's and my home growing up- Richmond VA- Did you get near Short Pump mall or stony point?! where in richomnd where you? i'm so jealous!!!!

u wanna just keep driving and come to Maxwell while you are at it?!!

my4kids said...

The baby is adorable, I'd use that excuse too!
Sounds like a very busy vacation. Got any time for rest scheduled in there?
Hope your having fun and glad to hear from you!

Wendy said...

Well, you doing so much driving why don't you take a slight detour and head on over to my house. You haven't seen me in a while. It's been longer than Thanksgiving. I think I deserve it. I fully expect a phone call when you get home. Or better yet, when you are en route to my house!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Susie! What an amazing adventure. Glad you hear you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

You are so busy !!
when are you coming back to your nest?? Enjoy your vacation!!
Dive for a penny~~haha
does he know the money?


Kristen said...

I tagged you! (sorry)

liz said...

The Cape Henry lighthouse? Cool, we've been there :) Welcome back. Hey, call us all at our house on the Fourth in the afternoon!