Sunday, June 10, 2007

Schools OUT for SUMMER!!

Yup, I'm done. I have to go clean out my room tomorrow, and then that's it. I have over 2 months off. Hooray!

I will miss the parents as much as I will miss their kids. I had such an incredible group of moms this year. They were fun, funny, and understanding.
My Tuesday/Thursday group got together and got us each a gift certificate to Talbot's. That way, it HAS to be spent on me. Good thinking, huh?

My M/W/F group got us some "different" gifts. One was a bag for the pool with a magazine, water, chips, chocolate and gum in it. How perfect!
Another got me a $30 gift certificate for a local bar. They didn't have the easiest kid, and thought I could use a drink. That made me laugh and laugh.
One mom got me a new Bible. The exact one that I had been looking at online. God works in mysterious ways. I mean, the EXACT one.
I got gift cards to Barnes and Noble (yeah for summer reading!) and Starbucks, too.

Yes, my pay is lousy. An insult, actually. But I am SO happy teaching there. We had happy parents, happy kids, and happy teachers in my room. I am glad it is the summer, but I will be just as excited to start again...

Here is a video of Mikey on his bike. The funniest part? Turn on the sound, and listen to Molly in the background.

When Mikey and Molly listened to it, Molly said "it's just me whining...."
Chris laughed at her.

I'm off to get ready to take the kids to the pool!!

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Megan said...

Wait. I didn't quite get that... Did Molly want her picture taken? :)

Adorable video!

Hope you are already enjoying your summer!!

Amy said...

Go, Mikey! He looks like he'll be ready for the Tour de France in just a few short years! Congrats on the end of the school year. . . enjoy those gifts!

Laura said...

TOO funny! Where is the picture of Molly???? I'm so glad you get some time off. Now you can come see my little munchkin!! ;-)

my4kids said...

Good job Mikey! loved the background of Molly sounds like my kids when I'm trying to take a pic of any of the others!
I had to laugh about the bar gift certificate, I joked about that with Joshua's 1st grade teacher about him...

Wendy said...

So did you take the picture of her?? She really wanted one!! Have fun spending all of those gift certificates! What a great time!! Hope you had fun at the pool. Take pictures there next time.

A.K. said...

yay summer! now its time to be a pool mom and enjoy the rays!!! what a great gift- gift certificate for drinks!!!

liz said...

Can you take a picture of me, Chris?

Great bike riding, Mikey!

Kristen said...

That's very cute!

Janice said...

Where IS Molly's picture, daddy? I love the sound of her voice. She is too adorable! And YAY for Mikey! I would be sad too when Cameron masters the no training wheels bike riding.

I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jungle gym/swing set! Great job, Chris!

Shinyoung said...

Great job, Mikey!!

Is that Molly's voice??
I can't understand definitely..
Did she wanted to take the video?
So adooooooooorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great year of teaching! You have made such a great impact on the kids you taught and their parents. Have a great 2 months off! Gina

txswordmaker said...

Weeeeellllll...a sword can come in a variety of lengths...short, long, hand and a half, or great. I prefer a hand and a half...always seems to get the job done.