Friday, August 03, 2007

The sound of silence.

Chris took the kids camping again for the night. I miss them, but boy, do I LOVE the peace and quiet. No getting anything for anyone but me. It's a great break.

Back to the reunion.

The next night I had organized a dinner for everyone at the VFW. A spaghetti dinner, in true Drill Team fashion.

Of our pledge class, there was Ann, me, Bob, and Melissa.

The oldest group was John, Irene, and Eric. John and Irene got married. A LOT of Drill Team people have gotten married to each other. Chris and myself included.

I apoogize for the poor picture, but here is almost all of us on the Lion. Chris was putting the kids to bed, so he missed it. And I don't know how to photoshop him in. Sorry, honey!

From there we went to The Phyrst, one of my favorite bars in town. They have a sing-along band, and on most Saturdays nights the president of the University comes and plays the washboard with the band. How cool is THAT??

Will we EVER grow up? Apparently not. ha ha ha

Here I am standing at Table #2, playing the tamborine with the band. Nope, we'll never grow up...

OK, so, there was this bachelorette party asking Jason, Bo, and Zerbe how, well, how "big" they are. The boys are trying hard to convince them. Well, I got the girls attention showed them that Jason would be about 7 inches, Zerbe would be about 3 inches, but BO, now he must have had 13 inches! The funniest part? They all BELIEVED me!! Like I'd KNOW!!

So, Bo's wife Rhonda comes over to clear up any misunderstandings.

Not to be outdone, Eugene gets in on the action!!

And somehow, Kevin's pants fell down, too...

Overall, it was quite a weekend last week. I can't believe we have to wait a whole year for the next one, but our old bodies have to recover...

I got an email from a friend, Dave, who came. He said "Em (his wife) was amazed at how everyone just clicked; I was amazed at how no one seemed to have changed."

That about sums it up.

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Anonymous said...

Love that the president of the university comes out to play too. How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

You are still young!!
So am I.

Laura said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I must say I blushed while reading the last parts. ;-)