Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Saturday night, woo, Saturday night...

If you have ever been to The Phyrst in State College, you know how to sing it. If not, well, pretend that you do.

Anyway, today was the Dad's Are Cool breakfast at Grace Lutheran. The kids made an invitation for their dad, and they had pancakes, sausages, applesauce, milk, juice, and coffee this morning. Chris decided to take it one step further. He took the kids to the PSU men's basketball game at 12:15 while I had the "day off". Yup, I had the day off. I didn't cook, I didn't do laundry, I didn't pick up a darn thing. I showered, went to CC Pepper's for a cheesesteak for lunch, and came home and stamped.
Then, we took the kids to Ben's birthday party. Ben, Pia, and Tassia were our old neighbors that lived across the street, and then they moved two months after we got here. Yup, the nerve of them, huh?

The party was fun. Although the picture doesn't do it justice. LOL
The picture was actually taken post-party while they were watching a movie. These are the kids whose parents hung around to eat, drink, and chat after the chaos of a "pizza making party". Really, they DID have fun....!!
Mikey and Molly DO have the coolest dad. Really, they do. And I love him to death. Even though he got ticked about my last post be-atching about him.

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