Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A week in the life.

Mikey was climbing on his art desk, fell off, and hit his Lego table with his face. See his Lego-Cheek? Perfect circles. Bet he doesn't climb on THAT for awhile...

Chris took the kids to a PSU hockey game on Sat. afternoon while I was at an all-day-too-f-ing-long-teachers-conference. This is how they looked when they came home. Happy, but tired.

Chris and the kids lounging on the couch on Sunday morning. Remember when we could only watch cartoons on Saturday morning? The kids will never know such a thing.

Monday after school Molly decided she was a ballerina. And what a ballerina she is.

Not to be outdone, Mikey was building a tower. We are studying "building" as our science theme at school, and he loves it.

We have a magnetic white board in the kitchen. I bought it to try to stay in touch with Chris, as we always seem to have something going on. However, after I bought it, we decided that we like doing it the old fashioned way. Talking with each other. So, the white board is always a source of amusement for me. Have you noticed Chris's sense of humor?

I was Susie Jennings before we got married. He still calls me that. He just shortens it to "Susie J."

We finally got some snow today. Not much is sticking to the roads, so we will probably have school, but Mikey finally got to go play in it. Molly didn't want to get cold. Big surprise.

So, that is our week, from Friday afternoon until Tuesday evening. Not quite a week, I suppose, but if I wait a whole week, think how many pictures I'll have to post!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - and Molly's sense of fashion. I remember when you used to use Mikey as the messenger instead of the white board. It was too funny.

Miss you guys!

Megan said...

I can't wait to play in that snow. We are all heading to PA to visit our family. I am so happy to see some snow for a little while anyway! Great pictures.

A.K. said...

isn't it fun getting cute little notes for our main men?! what a sad pic of the lego face- poor thing!

liz said...

TOO funny on the Lego face ;) I had those SAME wooden blocks. My mom REALLY wanted me to be an architect. Maybe she'll (almost) get her way afer all, although Penn is looking like a big tease after all - BOO! I was secretly making it my #1 choice :(

Anonymous said...

Hope the Lego face is healing up. Looks like you all had a wonderul week!!! Gina

Anonymous said...

Lego cheek - that's great! I'm glad that you are getting some snow. I think we'll have ours till June.