Thursday, January 04, 2007

MORE exciting news!!

Stella, my niece, has been selected for a Kraft modeling thing. She has done one for Hanna Andersson already, so this is her second "gig", I guess you'd call it. (Although I really don't like that word...) They called Katherine, my sister, and she had two meetings already, so they shoot tomorrow. She has been asked to bring a solid color bathing suit in case the ones they have don't fit correctly, or something. It will be in the shallow end of the pool, and if they actually print her, she gets paid a bonus. I want to know how I can get paid for swimming in January. Although if people had to look at me in a bathing suit, I would have to pay them...LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

It is hard to keep up with all the blogs and our message board.

I guess our book club as a bunch of stars or related stars in it! Congrats to Stella! Gina