Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vacation, Part II
Gosh, where did I leave you? OK, so we made it to Florence, SC to visit with my parents.
We took the kids to ToysRUs. That was a big deal, because we don't have one of those in State College. They had gift cards from Uncle Mark for their birthday, and couldn't wait to go. They did understand the economics lesson and how much things cost compared to the value of their card! Molly got some new Pet Shop animals, and Mikey got a new Leap Pad. Thanks Uncle Mark!
Let me find a picture for you....

OH! We went to Myrtle Beach for a night.

The place we stayed had a water park, too, which the kids loved.

While I went upstairs for the camera, the kids (Chris) left me a message in the sand. How can I not adore my husband??

So, it's hard to see. I haven't learned all of my camera settings yet. You'll have to deal with it. hee hee

Molly and Chris went down the Lazy River. The funniest part? Ok, see the tiles behind them?
She must have pointed to them a million times, and picked out a speck on each one. And every time she'd say "Mom, see this spot....right HERE??" And I'd patiently say "Um-hum..." And every single time she'd say "We're right HERE!!" Like she was looking at a map of the world, and the gold things were continents, or at least pieces of land. I admit, I was a bit proud of her for recognizing they are similar. At least the first 286 times I was. After the 287th time, I just laughed.

She's a funny one.

For a parting challenge:

Is anyone out there well-traveled enough to know who THIS is?? Go on, take a guess!!

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Laura said...

OMG, I love the pictures, especially the one of the message in the sand. Molly is so adorable and funny. It was so great to talk to you guys on the phone today. Tell Chris I'm sorry for sounding like a sounded like he answered the phone as a store, so I was confused! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

You have a great husband.The message on the sand made me happy.

I wonder who the boy is... in the picture...

my4kids said...

Great pictures and I can totaly see the sign they made you in the sand! That is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love the message in the sand! It would have had me in tears. You need to make sure to hand the camera to Chris once in a while, so we can see you too.

the108 said...

What a great vacation! I love Myrtle Beach... I'm clueless about the kid, though. Any hints?

A.K. said...
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Megan said...

How sweet! I *heart* Mommy. What a guy. You should keep him!

Janice said...

Susie, your hubby and kids are so sweet to leave you that message on the sand!

Who is the kid??? Now you got me thinking but I absolutely have no clue. For a second there I thought it was Gary Coleman from "Different Strokes" (he-he!)

Anonymous said...

Who is that kid?

Amy said...

Love the message in the sand. . . so sweet!