Monday, July 09, 2007

Vacation, Part III
We went to EdVenture, the children's museum in Columbia, SC with Keeko and the kids. Boy, was it NEAT. I have been to a ton of these, both as a teacher and as a mom, and this one rated near the top! Here are some pictures. I took a LOT more, but won't post some - they were just for me to remember the museum, not necessarily of the kids. ha ha

Here is Mikey inside Ed's stomach - notice the food! The stomach and the head were the coolest.

Here is Mikey in the fire engine. They had a whole floor where you dressed up and practiced different jobs!

Molly gathered eggs from under a chicken, and milked a cow.

They changed a tire on a car, and drove a VW bug. Don'tcha love the matching Izod shirts? Thanks, Mom!! Now, let me explain the driving picture... Molly drove first, then Mikey came along. There wasn't a seat belt on the passenger side, so she crawled in back, he crawled in back to buckle her up, then he buckled up and started "driving". So sweet. So cute.

They played outside in the bubbles and water. They fished from a boat and took the fish to the market. Molly flew on a plane and balanced it to match the altimeter on the wall. They ran, crawled, explored, touched, pushed, pulled, balanced and tried EVERYTHING. It was great. And the grand finale? A pressed penny to save - we have them from all over the country.

We also went to Chuck E. Cheese one day, and here are Keeko, David, and me sitting in a booth. How exciting!!

We then took the kids home and threw them in the tub. And no, this was not ALL in one day!!

One of the highlights of MY week was our anniversary. We left the kids overnight for the first time ever. Not because we didn't WANT to, but who in the world wants to watch two little kids overnight? My mom and sister, that's who!

We went to Myrtle Beach, just the two of us. Two beach towels, no toys, no life jackets, and no paying attention to anything. It was great to take a nap on the beach, falling asleep to the sound of the waves, and not worry about a kid being in the water! The kids prize? Another pressed penny, and some shells. And a mommy and daddy that had a much deserved night out. We stayed at Broadway at the Beach, and had a fabulous time!

We went back to my parents house, and left the next day for Richmond. Then, yesterday, we finally came home. As much as I enjoyed being on "vaycay", I really was happy to be home again. There's no place like home, no matter where the AF sends you.

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Anonymous said...

The children's museum looks awesome! We'll have to remember it the next time we head to South Carolina.

Kristen said...

So Ed was some dude that you crawl into? See, we never would have guessed that!

Happy Anniversary

A.K. said...

love Broadway on the Beach! This is one of the first years my family isn't going down there for vacation (i think the wedding, my sis's baby, and us all being away from home might be the reasons!) so i'm dying not going!!!

congrats on getting away- i know that was much needed and soooo fun! happy anniversary!

Christina Barosko said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your whole trip. Happy Anniversary.

txswordmaker said...

ok...I put up a bunch of different sizes so you can choose the one that fits you best.

liz said...

happy anniversary, you guys!

Little A has a small pressed penny collection already, too! I've looked on-line for lists of locals, but I never find a complete one - any hints?

Janice said...

That Edventure place looks really cool!!!! I want to go there!!!

glad you guys finally got to go overnight somewhere without the kids!! And on the beach too! Wow. You guys definitely deserve it! (Baby #3, maybe? He-he).

Susie PSU said...


HUSH your mouth. There will be NO baby #3. hee hee
We are done with babies, hopefully.

Laura said...

Congratulations on the anniversary!! I hope Mikey is still "into" firetrucks when you guys come back to CO....we can take him to my dad's firehouse and he can ride around and blow the horn!

the108 said...

Holy cow! That looks fun!

Mags said...

This is the second time this week I have seen a fake cow being milked.

Very intersted. We didn't have that sort of thing when I was a kid!