Tuesday, August 22, 2006

1, 2, 3 strikes you're out!

Today the kids went to their first baseball game - the State College Spikes. It is only a single A team, and the kids know NOTHING about baseball, but it was fun. My new director gave us the tickets as a "welcome to State College" evening. Sweet, huh?
Some highlights of our trip:

Mikey says "I smell giraffe poop. Does anyone else smell giraffe poop?" (We were near the chicken coops, I guess.)

Mikey kept asking "When will it start?" It HAD started, but he was waiting for the "big boom". He could hear the games in Colorado Springs begin by the fireworks they started the game with. Once he explained he was waiting for the "big boom" I had to show him they were already playing. He was bummed he missed the beginning.

Molly says "Are we outside?" Now, mind you, this was after 4 innings of baseball...Geez, we hope she gets a good sorority bid and marries a nice engineer...

Molly screaming for cotton candy - she throws a HUGE fit, and in the middle of it screams "THEN BUY ME SOME ICE CREAM!!" What a princess.

Mikey asked "why can't EVERYONE couldn't play baseball?" oh, and "Why can't I stand on the dugout?"

We did manage to last until the 5th inning, which isn't bad considering it started at 7:05 and the kids are usually in bed around 7:30.

It's after the ninth inning here at home, the garage looks a lot better than it did this morning, and I'm off to bed.

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erin said...

I'm rolling! Your kids crack me up...thanks for sharing those sweet words! Maybe in my next post I'll share some of Sarah's latest conversational tidbits to include, "lalala ooooh gega".

Miss you friend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast...the wonderfulness of kids. Talking about CO baseball we have only been to one game this year and need to make it to one of their last ones next week. I will be thinking of your experience while we are there :) Gina

Amy said...

Thanks for the laughs today! Miss you!

liz said...

I know this nice boy named Nick H. who may turn out to be an engineer ;)