Saturday, August 26, 2006

A New Toy!!

We "bought" a scooter from Chris's mom, and charged it up. Let me tell you, the kids on the street LOVED it. Chris was definitely the 'big man on campus' today as they lined up for rides around our cul-de-sac. (Did I just say sac? LOL) The street was having a neighborhood garage sale, but since we just moved, and don't have much to sell, our gains monetarily were little, but we managed to meet a lot of neighbors. We have a street cook-out in two weeks, so then we can actually sit down and talk to them. They clost down our end of the street, we all pull out grills and tables, share food, the kids play.... sounds like some ideal place, huh? Well, it IS. It is Happy Valley, and there is only ONE WEEK UNTIL THE FIRST HOME GAME!!!

3 people tasted this cookie:

Shinyoung said...

Chris looks like the boss of the kids of neighborhood...hahaha

Bryon and Laura said...

Man I miss you guys! I'm so glad you're doing well, have met some friends, are getting to know your neighbors, and of course that you didn't lose that twisted sense of humor in the move! Love you guys!

Spike said...


You just need a white whicker basket on the front for you school books, and a bell on the handlebars. Then all the college chicks will think you're real cool.