Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mikey's Open House

This is Mrs. Lebold, one of Mikey's teachers. His other teacher, Mrs. Lee, is from Seoul, but she was busy with another child and couldn't pose. You see how much Mikey likes having his picture taken! He is hard to catch happy in front of the camera, so it seems most pictures are of Molly the Ham, with Mikey running away or hiding in the background.

Mikey was lucky to get into this class. Out of the 16 kids, 14 are returning from last year, and there are two new ones - Mikey and Stacey. Mikey jumped ahead of a long waiting list, but as the director says, "My staff is my first priority.." Hey, that's why I took a lousy paying job. My kids educations comes first, not the pay. That, and now that I am there, I LOVE the staff and the school. Everyone is always so happy, laughing, carrying on, teasing each other. The parents really like the school and are happy their children are there. I consider providing young children with a sound, Christian education my ministry. Teaching 3's is just so YOUNG. Tomorrow is the first staff in-service, so I'll let you know any new epiphanies tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your words.
"My kids educations comes first, not the pay"
Next time, you should take picture the other teacher from Seoul,OK?
Most boys about Mikey's age don't want to take picture and they cannot sit and wait...

The weather here is beautiful today. I will take a walk with my kids after their school. And I will take some pictures and you can see them in my blog.